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On the news tonight It was the 50th anniversary of Air Canada flight 831 crash after taking off from Montreal in 1963… all 118 were killed.

I was booked to be on that flight, weeks ahead, it was a connecting flight from Halifax to B.C.  But while celebrating (honorable) release from the RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, I made a last minute decision in the late afternoon to cancel, and re-book for another flight very early the next morning.

When I arrived at the Air Canada desk the next morning, the staff had just arrived and nervously whispered glancing at me while I waited for ground transportation.  I thought I must have revealed some evidence of late night partying.?  Completely unbeknown to me, apparently, they had just learned of the crash and realized I had been booked on it, many days in advance.

In my case this is just trivia now of course, but as Solomon so well said it “…time and unforeseen events overtake them all.” (Eccl. 9:11)

Our lives are so limited by circumstances we have no control over, I most truly sympathize with those who lost family members on flight 831, but thankfully we all still have hope to see loved ones in the future provided we exercise faith in the loving ransom of Christ Jesus… while that opportunity still exits. (please visit

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At this time of year, there are so many (pardon the expression) phony ‘spirit of Christmas’ commentaries that it really necessitates this posting.

If and when there was ever ‘genuine’ good will towards men, as espoused by a minority at this time of year, the world would certainly not be in the dismal condition it truly is in today.

What is even more fictitious is the conception that Christmas is based on the birth of the most significant human to have ever lived.  Far from it, this annual  celebration, touted as being Christian in origin, is forever steeped in the most un-christian, yes even ‘anti-christian’ beliefs… how can this be so?

There is no better explanation than that the principal religions of Christendom have themselves been party to the propaganda that has misled their flocks into this incredible dilution.  Why this was undertaken can be summed up in one word; politics.

That’s right, shortly after the last of the faithful followers of Christ died, there was a major political movement to incorporate pagan religion into the teaching of Christ, and it has been amazingly successful.

Indeed, ask the majority of Church-goers today what Christmas is based on and they would undoubtedly claim it is the birth of Christ.  How absurd that is!

Historical Timeline Involving Christmas:

1513 BCE – 60 CE (1600 years of recorded Bible History)

Period of inspired Biblical writings and prophecies, many concerning Jesus Christ.  No mention of his date of birth; nor its being celebrated by his 12 apostles.

No mention of Christmas. No mention of any holy person celebrating a birthday – only sinners (like Pharoah and Herod). (Gen. 40:20; Matt. 14:6; Mark 6:21-28; John 18:36)

2269-2030 BCE

History of Sun worship. Began in ancient Babylonia  by worshiping the sun god Shamash & Nimrod – parallels exist between Babylonian New Years & Christmas celebrations  (historian Pimlott in ‘The Englishman’s Christmas’).

500 BCE
Celtic Druids used mistletoe winter solstice celebrations due to it being viewed as magical, mysterious, and sacred.

150 BCE
Romans began celebrating Saturnalia (where many Christmas traditions find
their origin)

45 BCE

Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar making December 25 (not today’s 21 or 22) the date of the winter solstice (shortest day of the year).

33 CE
Jesus was  Killed.  The Apostle Paul warned Timothy that “wicked men & impostors” would slip into the congregation and mislead many. (2 Timothy 3:1

Josephus popular 1st Century Jewish Historian reported that Jews did not celebrate birthdays, 1st century Christians (former Jews) continued the tradition of NOT celebrating them.

The foretold apostasy began after the death of the apostles (Acts 20:29, 30)
A period where Mithraism (syncretic Hellenistic mystery religion) was practiced in the Roman Empire. Mithras was a Roman soldiers god whose legendary birth (as some stories go) resembles the birth of Christ (being born of a virgin in the presence of shepherds). Devotees of Mithra (says the Catholic Encyclopedia) celebrated the birthday of the invincible sun (dies natalis Solis Invicti) on December 25. L.M. Wright, author of “Christianity, Astrology, And Myth” 2002; suggests that the early Christian Church was influenced by much of the myth and symbolism of Mithraism. The cult of Sol Invictius was the Roman Empire’s leading official cult of the fourth century – (Wikipedia)

4th Century
Christmas began being celebrated as Christ’s Birthday. Early Catholic Church Fathers banned the use of Mistletoe in Christmas celebrations due to their pagan origin. Origen & Tertullian Catholic ecclesiastical writers of the 2nd & 3rd centuries spoke against Birthday celebrations. Tertullian made no mention of Christmas in his thorough lists of celebrations.

218 – 222
Roman Emperor Elagabalus introduced the holiday of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, “birthday of the unconquered sun” was to be celebrated on Dec. 25 (where many Christmas traditions find their origin), and promoted it empire-wide when it reached its height in popularity.

Pope Gregory I wrote to Mellitus, his missionary in England, telling him “not to stop such ancient pagan festivities, but to adapt them to the rites of the Church, only changing the reason of them from a heathen to a Christian impulse.”  Thus reports Arthur Weigall, who once was inspector general of antiquities for the Egyptian government.

All religions, even Christianity were legalized in Roman


In the 1st counsel of Nicaea, Roman Emperor Constantine standardized Christian beliefs. According to the Catholic Church, Catholics began adopting pagan customs into Christianity. By the end of the century, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

336 CE
1st historical record of December 25 as the assigned date of Jesus Birth

All Religions (including formerly persecuted Christianity) in Roman territory were legalized. It took nearly the entire 4th century for the Roman empire to transition State Religion from pagan cults to Christianity. The Merging of cultic tradition with Christianity greatly assisted in this transition.

The Council of Tours “proclaimed the 12 days from Christmas to Epiphany as
a sacred and festive season.”—The Catholic Encyclopedia for School and

10th Century

Christmas, along with Christianity, spread to Russia, where it became fused with the winter celebration of the ancient Slavs, honoring the spirits of the ancestors.  (The Great Soviet Encyclopedia)

16th Century

Christmas traditions spread to branches of Protestants during the
Protestant Reformation.

In England, Parliament discouraged Christmas feasting due to its heathen origin

Parliament banned Christmas by law

1659 – 1681
In North America, Massachusetts Bay Colony banned Christmas n which violators were subject to fine.

The Baptist Church of Newport [Rhode Island] observed Christmas for the
first time. This was about 130 years after the founding of the first Baptist
church in New England.

Alabama became 1st U.S. state to legalize Christmas

Commercialism revived Christmas, Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” and Christmas Cards originated in London.

Oklahoma became the last U.S. state to legalize Christmas.

Jehovah’s Witnesses abandoned Christmas celebrations after learning of its pagan origins.


An overwhelming majority of sources agree that Christmas was almost entirely influenced by pre-Christian pagan celebrations.

There was no mention of Christmas nor any celebration of Christ’s birthday for hundreds of years after Jesus & his apostles died. The book Sacred Origins of Profound Things states: “For two centuries after Christ’s birth, no one knew, and few people cared, exactly when he was born.” Thus birthday celebrations, even of gods and leaders, were condemned as far as the late third century by Roman Catholic leaders.

Did Nelson Mandela ‘change the world’?   Leave a comment

Did this courageous man “change the course of history?” as some over-zealous news talking-heads have proclaimed?

He was a violent anti-apartheid advocate who emerged from years of abusive racial government imprisonment as an unbreakable advocate of peaceful reform, of that there is no argument.

What produced that transition is in doubt. Perhaps it was deep personal mediation on God’s word, he certainly had the opportunity for that in all his years of imprisonment.

In any case, claims that  he ‘changed the world’, is not supported by the facts.  Not only South Africa, but the ‘world of mankind’, before and after Mandela, has clearly not shown any signs of major reformation, much less become more forgiving, loving, or kind, by any stretch of imagination!

Today there are arguably more world-wide violence, hatred, and turmoil, than in all of history!  There are vast divisions between rich and poor, and certainly more anti-government activism in the world than ever before. 

South Africa may have seen some reduction in the racial divide through the efforts and example of Mandela, but to suggest he has brought about great changes world-wide is, sadly, wishful thinking.

Compare that with the effects of the man, Jesus Christ, who walked on the earth for a mere 33.5 years!  His influence, teachings, and example, are simply unmatched, as millions of people worldwide can and do testify.

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I try really hard to suppress an outright laugh when reports like this are treated as scientific fact!

By their very own admission, ‘evil-lution’ is truly “a muddle”!  In other words it is not even close to being factual.

The BBC report on the news tonight (Dec. 3rd 2013) states ‘there is no way to connect million-year old man with modern man by comparing skull bones’ etc.  But now they expect to be able to do so by comparing the DNA from some cave bones. 

What utter and complete nonsense is this frustrated grasping at straws to validate a theory that for about 100 years has been absolutely ‘invalidated’ scientifically.

Of course the real reason for this desperate ongoing fruitless search is very obvious; there is no way that arrogant men of learning can come to grips with the plain truth, namely mankind is the product of the most intelligent, glorious, all-powerful, and generous Creator as clearly set out in His own inspired Word, the Bible.  Every science ‘fact’ supports this conclusion!

What’s more he has generously provided the way out of human chaos all the way back to human perfection.  But now we are reaching the very limit of his extreme patience with us… just as occurred in the days of Noah… please read Luke 17:26-30.

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Many of us remember JFK’s assassination. I personally wept at the time. 

I was about to be released from my 5 year RCN sign-on term.  As a young sailor it not only seemed tragic but the Canadian Navy actually went into a high alert military status, even on the Minesweeper I was located on in Halifax Nova Scotia.

However, since that traumatic day, facts and reality have set in.  Mr. Jack Kennedy was, to say the very least, an immoral man, in spite of his proclaimed opposition to human rights abuses and other issues. 

Immorality today is perhaps far more common than it was in his day, but does that make it more acceptable to God or to man?  No.  Immoral behavior has never been, and will never will be, acceptable to our Creator. 

In fact that is the very issue that confronted King David of ancient Israel.  As well recorded in scripture, King David was reproved and disciplined by God.

The good news is that God can and does forgive even gross immoral behavior PROVIDED there is genuine repentance on the part of the wrong-doer.  And that was exactly the case with David.  He sincerely repented, and although he had to suffer the consequences of his immoral acts, the eventual outcome was positive, and he regained his relationship with God.

John (also known as Jack) Kennedy may not have had the opportunity for genuine repentance before his untimely death, and if so, the scriptures state that he will have that opportunity in a future resurrection.  A time for both the ‘righteous and the unrighteous’ based on the ransom paid by Christ Jesus.  (please read Acts 24:15).

There is little chance he will be resurrected as a ‘righteous’ man, and certainly not as the icon he has become for many today,  but at that time he will have the gracious opportunity to do just what King David of old did, and thereby receive redemption and life forever.   How generous a provision is that!?

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Without a doubt human philosophies and opinions abound today, even more than they have in all the centuries past.  They’re proclaimed in stories, books, poets, songs, TV shows, and you name it! 

True; seemingly wise men have been the authors of many such writings.  Yet, in substance, how have those sayings actually benefited mankind?  I suggest they have had extremely limited benefits.

Whereas what benefit have Bible scriptures had for us?  By projecting a future far beyond what can be accomplished by mere imperfect human rulers, a future of true equality and understanding that has been fore-ordained by the Creator of the entire Universe… is that of true benefit to us or not?

He has appointed his ‘first’ creation as the one to accomplish this,  nothing less than the paradise he originally purposed for all this earth! 

If you wish to learn more about that purpose goto:

“I never tried to cover up” ?   Leave a comment

It may or may not be that the Pope didn’t personally try to cover up the horrendous acts of  pedophile Priests, but regardless, there is substantial evidence a ‘massive’ cover up has been going on, perhaps even for centuries! So what does that really say about the Catholic Church as an organization?

Could it be even possible the God of righteousness, justice, mercy, truth and above all  love, would remotely consider such an organization as His representative on earth?!

And this doesn’t even begin to consider RC involvement with despotic dictators, wars, and even ‘world’ wars. The scriptures say; ‘Let the reader use discernment’ (Matthew 24:15).

In comparing religious persons, and/or organizations, Jesus made it very clear that ‘a good tree produces good fruit, but a bad tree cannot produce good fruit’  (Matthew 7:17,18)

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