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The claim by those involved in preventing sea turtle extinction is that they have ‘helped’ them. While this may partly seem like a matter of symantecs, the truth is that only human ‘non-intervention’ could rightly be called ‘help’, be it for sea turtles or the hundreds if not thousands of other forms of life on planet earth.

When will it be acknowledged that, in fact, it is human interference and ignorance that is the fundamental reason why all life on earth is threatened! This is not just a matter of symantecs, but a basic reality that needs to be very humbly admitted. Only then will it be possible for us to accept our supreme Creator as the guide to full and complete restoration of planet earth as it was in the very beginning.

That restoration is coming, in spite of human opposition and arrogance, very soon. So we can either submit to the Creator’s purpose, or continue to ignore it, that is the choice he has given us. For more info please visit


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My friend’s wife wanted to reunite with her hubby in Cranbook B.C. where he was temporarily assigned by Zerox Corp.

I was a willing pilot with a Mooney M20A airplane and a friend. So his wife and I flew to Cranbook, but only after a critical decision along the way. I attempted to take a shortcut but soon realized the weather had eliminated it, so made a serious major 180 turn that scared her. After that fuel was beginning to be a factor so it was after sunset when we made it to the Cranbrook uncontrolled airport on minimal fuel.

The next day proved to be another challenge; solid overcast prevented VFR (Visual Flight Rules).
A day or two later I decided to risk it, so we took off in a planned Easterly direction until we broke through the overcast, strictly flying on instruments. Once on top of the valley clouds it was CAVU in glorious sunshine over 8-10K Coastal Mountains, and then the Fraser valley and Georgia straight to Victoria. Another truly fond well remembered trip forever!!

New Nuclear Reactor Developments   Leave a comment

After just watching updated nuclear reactor developments that produce little or no waste as proposed by MIT brains and such, it does appear there are definite positive high energy production advantages with these newer developments, no doubt.

That said, my question is simple; why pursue development of all such high energy production methods that will likely always carry very have high human risk factors?

No matter how such risks may be minimized, why is it necessary? Does it not make far more planetary sense to strive for greater harmony with nature by making it the primary goal to eliminate all risk to our (perhaps one time ) pristine natural environment as much as we are humanly capable?!

iGeneration or what?   Leave a comment

There is much debate as to what, and/or who make up the so-called iGeneration.

My own humble opinion is this is simply an attempt to define what is an ongoing decline in respect, morality, and dignity for family and neighbor by successive generations. The evidence has been accelerating since WW1 & 11. In fact there has been a measurable accelerating breakdown since then; why?

The reasons are actually fairly obvious; as mankind has been encouraged to engage in progressively more and more bloodthirsty murderous militant engagements as promoted by religious, commercial, political or other worldly elements, moral principles governing humankind that may once have been held sacred by society have been seriously eroded if not completely overshadowed.

You simply cannot direct and encourage national populations to kill their fellow man, or be killed, and expect that they will still maintain principles of decency, morality, or humanity, it just aint’ goina’ happen brother! PTSD and other such mental problems today further confirm this reality.

So iGeneration is simply another attempt to define present problems by comparisons with the past, particularly since the beginning of the 20th Century, namely a steady moral decline, and hedonistic, self-centered march toward destruction.

Arguably it was further fueled by the promises of the industrial revolution, and continues today through the promises of technology. There is little doubt it is leading to a self-destructive world by undermining any remaining desire for genuine human development and elevation!

Please visit for a genuinely ‘positive’ hope for the future!

Stephen Hawking: a brief comment in time   Leave a comment

Mr. Hawking has been described in so many ways already its hard to be original. E.g. he’s been described as a deep thinker; problem solver; successful author; theoretical genius, and more, But with all that said, his greatest success INHO was his amazing adaptation to a crippling disease.

True there are other examples of such exceptional human spirit, but not that many. The ones I’ve heard about are mostly based on cultivating a trusting hope in our Creator for a bright future free of the effects of disease and infirmity.

Indeed that future was clearly demonstrated by Jesus when he healed every form of disease and infirmity while on earth. And he gave a powerful witness by means of God’s spirit, always humbly acknowledging the source of his miraculous ability’s.

There can be no doubt at all that Stephen Hawking’s fertile brain contributed to his longevity, a good message for all of us, young and old. However a future life without the effects of disease, infirmity, and even the end of death itself is a hope beyond human imagination, no matter what the so-called IQ rating!

In fact there is is a positive promise we can submit to regardless of our personal circumstances be they dire or not. For more details please goto


Witches in Victoria British Columbia   Leave a comment

Its been said that Victoria B.C. is a location for many so-called ‘Witches’. I believe I experienced one example of that as an owner of the oldest laundromat in James Bay in the 1970’s.

I had denied a young man my backroom laundromat toilet because he was not a customer, but a few days later arrived to find a very large number of female customers busy using the washers and dryers at one time who to my amazement appeared to be completely oblivious to gross excrement on the floor just outside the backroom even while they were doing their laundry in washers and dryers.

 Make no mistake there were six very large, equally separated and distinct piles of what truly appeared to be human excrement, although it could also have have been big dog excrement!!  Indeed it would have been shocking for normal people to see, yet none of those female customers appeared to be even slightly aware of it!!?

I simply and quickly covered each mess with newspapers until later, then shoveled it into my backroom toilet, and indeed I do believe it was a retaliation for refusing that (Warlocks?) use of my prior toilet refusal.

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Youthful adventure   Leave a comment

As very young teens we had entered the US surreptitiously in the 1950’s so figured we must return to Canada similarly… wrong.  Arriving in Detroit by Greyhound we trusted a taxi driver to take us to a low-cost hotel.

The next day we walked, and walked, toward the Detroit river and eventually borrowed a row boat.  Paddling very quietly in a dark and moonless night we rounded the Belle Isle park by first passing under a foot overpass.  Somehow the current was not against us that night, so we arrived back on a Canadian shore without incident, how fortunate was that!? Another youthful adventure to rememberd decades later.

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False News   Leave a comment

“Reported hijab attack on 11-year-old girl ‘did not happen,’ Toronto police say. Police previously said they were treating case as a possible hate crime.” (CBC News)

This news story (January 15/18) typifies modern trends. Likely it’s a reflection of inordinate human desire for attention, in male and female, young and old alike. A condition, when pronounced, some psychologist’s describe it as NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

We may ask; what motivates this wrong desire for media attention? Certainly a degree of human pride is normal, even healthy, but when pride, such as the desire for fame, becomes ‘inordinate’ there will inevitably be sad consequences! Many such examples are recorded as a warning to us all in the holy Bible, unfortunately those lessons are largely being ignored today.

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