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The claim by those involved in preventing sea turtle extinction is that they have ‘helped’ them. While this may partly seem like a matter of symantecs, the truth is that only human ‘non-intervention’ could rightly be called ‘help’, be it for sea turtles or the hundreds if not thousands of other forms of life on planet earth.

When will it be acknowledged that, in fact, it is human interference and ignorance that is the fundamental reason why all life on earth is threatened! This is not just a matter of symantecs, but a basic reality that needs to be very humbly admitted. Only then will it be possible for us to accept our supreme Creator as the guide to full and complete restoration of planet earth as it was in the very beginning.

That restoration is coming, in spite of human opposition and arrogance, very soon. So we can either submit to the Creator’s purpose, or continue to ignore it, that is the choice he has given us. For more info please visit


Artificial Intelligence concerns   Leave a comment

AI has become a highly debated topic. Not only has it been shown to have significant ability in learning and applying data from existing rules and parameters, but to some extent even extrapolating and extending actions beyond those limitations.

The real concerns are about the human bias’ and ethics upon which the AI algorithms have been based.  Since AI is clearly not the product of ‘evolution’ – as some misguided persons still believe human intelligence originated. Rather it is most certainly the construct of human intelligence per se. In other words mankind is its ‘creator’!  How elevating is that fact, or rather how revealing?

Consider this:  since we humans are the creators of AI, a significant but much more limited mechanical form of ability bound by human limitations. Compared to nearly limitless human intelligence, logically, only a far higher intelligence could have been ‘our’ Creator!

E.g. what about the inculcation (programming) AI in Biblical data?  Would it be possible for the ethics, lessons, and guidelines of scripture to be useable to AI?  I suggest that is far, far, away from any AI capability. Only human reasoning, emotions, and genuine humility can begin to absorb and apply the lessons therein, and even that with difficulty.





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Space Probe Accomplishment   Leave a comment

No doubt it is a significant accomplishment to send a probe that reached the Kuiper belt, which is apparently in the same area of Pluto, yet still not even the limits of our solar system.

Nevertheless we must realistically say this is a very small step for mankind when we consider that, ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and earth’ as stated in the very first verse of the bible. No I’m not a religious fanatic, but hopefully providing thoughtful alternative consideration for the formation of the physical universe we are privileged to live in.

It may be difficult for us imperfect humans to envision a Creator, and actual person, of such glory and unlimited power, but very factual scientific evidence points in that direction, and by the way; ‘humility’ is well described in scripture as perhaps the most highly valued quality he looks for in each one of mankind, and understandably so!

Pilot misjudgment   Leave a comment

We had been visiting my parents with my youngest daughter Naomi in White Rock B.C., and were about to fly home to Victoria from the Blaine Washington airstrip, (now permanently taken out of service unfortunately).

It was dusk and visibility was restricted as we boarded my Mooney 20A airplane.  My parents were on hand to bid us good bye.

Taxing from an off runway parking area the front wheel went into a mud-hole, no doubt caused by a lot of rain in recent days.  The Mooney prop only had 8.5″ from tip to ground clearance.

There was no one else present at the airstrip at that time, but my dad had seen the problem and tried to get me to shut down the engine by waving his arms quite dramatically a few yards away in the landing light of the airplane.

However my youthful boldness prevailed. I gunned the engine to near full throttle to force the front wheel out of the mud-hole.  It succeeded in doing so, but not before the tip of the prop made contact with the ground!

I realized what had occurred but only observed some mud churned up in the air so concluded it wasn’t a serious issue. Continuing to the paved runway we took off for the fairly short return trip home.

Everything seemed normal as we flew over Georgia Strait waters  and Gulf Islands., although I did have some reservations, so reduced the (variable) prop speed and rpm slightly as we flew in a very dark night sky.

I don’t recall if it was when clearing customs, or after taxiing to a parking spot on Victoria airport that I made a shocking discovery; the prop tip was severely twisted!

Not much more can be said about this incident. The danger had been very real. No prop damage should be ignored. Prop failure had been a possibility, and yet the durability of said (Hartzell) propellers is considerable, to say the least.

Another good lesson for a very fortunate private pilot.

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Nature teaches us   Leave a comment

I was enjoying an afternoon in October sunshine on the promenade at White Rock B.C. today. Some fool was serving up food for throngs of seagulls and they screamed as they competed for each one.
Watching those seagulls reminded me of the Boeing ‘787 dream liner’, how? If you take a close look, the wings of that modern airliner bear a close resemblance to the wings of those gulls! Indeed the wings of the 787 not only flex 25 feet under test conditions but their design appears to mimic seagulls, at least visually. Until recently most commercial jets have employed (Burt Rutan’s) winglets at the end of their wings to reduce turbulance and improve performance.
But if you look closely the newer dream liner has a design similar to what the gulls have, namely a tapered shape that accomplishes the same thing more efficiently!
My point in writing about this is to simply compliment those who have learned from so-called ‘nature’, by that I mean the ‘Creator of nature’, our Father in heaven. Yes he is in fact the master designer of our blue marble, this planet with all its beauty and complexity that we may be only just be beginning to appreciate.

John McCain heritage   Leave a comment

Just one question: Why is his integrity so unique?

Catholic Church   Leave a comment

Its hard to imagine an organization with more of an endemic, shameful,  immoral, and corrupt record of conduct since the time of the Roman Empire than the RC Church, including its close ties with Nazi’s and organized crime.

Of course there may be some individual members who have ‘clean hands’, but the simple truth is that, as an organization it has proven to be a reprehensible false form of Christian worship, acting in no small way contrary to the very teachings and example of Christ Jesus. In fact it strongly resembles the Jewish religious elements that Jesus boldly and repeatedly condemned,  the Pharisees and Sadducees, who were subsequently responsible for his death.

God’s prophet Jeremiah said this about such corrupt religious leaders “…. To me all of them have become like Sodom, and the inhabitants of her like Gomorrah.”​—JEREMIAH 23:14. and we do know what action God took against those cities! Should we expect any less judgment now!?

Hollywood fakes   Leave a comment

We are supposed to elevate and appreciate actors or actresses that made movies and received recognition for their portrayal by some kind of award etc, but consider this….

The truth is that most movie depictions are in no way beneficial, encouraging, or up-building, especially spiritually.  In fact their intentional material shock value, with few exceptions, tends to literally undermine the natural human desire for peace and security.

In fact most newer movies may emotionally depress us after the shock value wears off, much like the effect of drugs or alcohol, there may have been an initial elevation of feelings, but the aftermath is negative, even depressing, so is it really worth that roller coaster effect?  Please think about it.


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