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Fleeting structures designed for the sky
Surely their maker with an Artists eye
Shrinking and growing, ever changing form
Like thoughts of mankind, each new is born
Eagles have insight whíle sharing His pallet
A ballet of flight, the heavens their stage
With clouds as curtains a dance unafraid
The Artists brush, ever changing venue
Grateful observers now give him just due!


As the days and weeks and months fly by
sorrows and pain may cause us to cry.
Time to count blessings money can’t buy.

Seek no forgiveness from those who maintain
A righteous self-image the true God disdain’s.
Seeking approval in the human domain
delivers yourself to sorrow and pain.
When real life begins, problems cast aside,
All hurts then ended, soon all will reside.


Could it be that you are wondering why,
striving, searching, yes even as I.?
Knowledge of life we desire to know
seeking new hope, reality our foe.
Soon will all truth, knowledge unsealed,
then true peace, and love revealed.

              Our Time

Seek no forgiveness from those who maintain
a righteous self-image the Creator disdains.
As good life begins, our problems subside,
harms will have ended, then peace shall abide.


Falling on my roof, a very old friend
I listen in a warm bed, comforted
A steady patter so reassuring to me
life will continue no matter what else,
serving all needs its faithful endeavor
nurturing, refreshing, renewal forever.


Amazing creatures one and all,
so many life-forms to enthrall!
harmony, beauty, stability to trust,
God’s good earth he created for us.
wisdom and knowledge will surely grow,
as He timely teaches us more to know!


Wondrous would be an angel to thee,
heavenly insight, a preview to see!
Human emotion may cause you to fear,
ignorance shall flee, truth becomes clear.
Humility, love, yes knowledge to share,
to give God due glory, for his loving care.

         ODE TO THE TREE.

So proud and complete the magnificent tree,
with dauntless resolve to remain truly free.
Directed, strengthened, creations sure dye,
reaching and spreading to mature in the sky.

Like thoughtful mankind, you search for pure light,
bound to the earth, your leaves take to flight.
Majestic, serene… though ever unseeing,
over all man and beast, yet having no being.

When comes the time, from past up to date,
yes on us all, will soon be this fate;
to find a place ‘neath your shadow to rest,
and thereby return to those living blest,
the greatest of gifts so pure and profound
life without judgment, and peace will abound.


(St. Lawrence seaway)

Rolling hills so green and shadowy,completely untouched by human insanity.
Rounded with headlands so gallant and blue,smooth sides glide down to seas green hue.

Nations, their culture; unknown and uncaring. Who could dismiss your bounty and bearing.? No bias reflected, not crude or indignant,yes beauty for all, from wise to ignorant. Search your heart through and strive for knowing, those hills of beauty, insights bestowing,to all who seek it, gain a deeper perception,
of God's greater plan needing human reception.

                         black woman

          Poor little dark woman so humbled and worn
          like a shriveled fall leaf deadned and torn,
          having no direction, care not why your born,
          you exist only for now...loveless, forlorn.


           O' ancient man, yet a man flesh and blood,
           your grave opened up down deep in the mud.
           Searching for mercy, yes help from the nations,
           questions unanswered filled with vexations.

           Torture and trial without wisdom or knowing
           t'was the burden of proof God was bestowing,
           tested by Satan, now known to mankind,
           a symbol for all, this justice not blind.

           Frailties of life, near death, Job resounded,
           God's good purpose through him came unbounded;
           faith and devotion like a crown can be worn
           by those who remember when crushed and forlorn;
           integrity, endurance, proved Job his Creator,
           how sweet the reward for righteous behavior.
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ORCA WORSHIP   1 comment

how much appreciation can or should be attributed to ‘killer whales’ correctly known as Orcas?

True they are marvelous marine creatures. Of course it’s typical for human media to highlight the beauty and grace of large marine mammals, perhaps simply because they are more readily available and photogenic.?
However lets not forget these are true predators, simply fulfilling their role near the top of the food chain; successfully feeding on salmon; seals; even junior whales. Of course their contribution to human life is probably not fully appreciated.

My point is Orcas have no claim to, shall we say, ‘totem pole’ celebrity, any more than any other marine or earthly life form, most certainly not deserving to be elevated to a quasi religious status as has been the case in many cultures through misguided innocent traditional practice.

I hasten to add that totem pole ‘worship’ may or may not be the intended purpose of carvers! Their work clearly reflects a deep symbiotic connection with life on earth. Yet it should always be acknowledged the earth and all its productions, animal; vegetable; and mineral; are credited to the Creator and therefore He alone is deserving of worship.

No; without a doubt ‘all’ life on earth contributes to human life. But the truth is that only the Creator of all such diverse and beneficial life, marine or otherwise, deserves our adoration and accreditation; not birds, not marine animals, not unseen spirits, but only the Great Spirit and Creator of ‘all’ life is truly deserving of worship!

“Therefore, since we are the children of God, we should not think that the Divine Being is like gold or silver or stone, like something sculptured by the art and design of humans. True, God has overlooked the times of such ignorance; but now he is declaring to all people everywhere that they should repent.” (Acts 17:29,30)

Please visit for video’s and more information.

Metaphors or Cliche’s?   Leave a comment

METAPHOR'S or CLICHE'S? you decide

A picture is worth a thousand words
(note: a great many originate in scripture)

Laughter is the best medicine
Count your blessings
Keep a stiff upper lip
Pull up your socks
Life is short, then you die
Jumping for joy
Laugh and the world laughs with you
Don’t cry over spilled milk
Monday blues
Walk in anothers’ shoes
Better safe than sorry
Bounce back
It makes my blood boil


Keep your shirt on!
Look before you leap
Seek and you will find
Go the extra mile
Drink from your own well
Don’t take any wooden nickels
Mark my words
Leave your comfort zone
Dance like no one is watching
What goes around, comes around
Don’t judge a book by its cover
Scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours
Don’t rain on my parade
The truth will make you free
Charge it to my account

Don’t get your nickers twisted
Don’t count on it
Look at the bright side

Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Choose wisely
Keep it simple stupid (kiss)
Don’t count your chickens before their hatched
Put that in your pipe and smoke it
Get behind me
Call a spade; a spade
Choose your poison
Give it your all
Search your heart
Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill


a one trick pony

Necesity is the mother of invention
can’t change stripes, or spots
Rich get richer, poor get poorer
When the going gets tough, the tough get going
He wears many hats
Time is money
Hope springs eternal
Food for thought
Your loss is my gain
Its in the mail
The writing on the wall
Time well spent
It never rains, but it pours
Into every life a little rain must fall
The first step is a lulu
Ignorance is bliss
Every cloud has a silver lining
Light at the end of the tunnel
We all make mistakes
Better late than never
A horse of a different color
That’s you all over again
Swimming in debt
Hit it out of the park
A ton of bricks
From here to eternity
One step at a time
Call it a day
Experience is the best teacher
A fool for a client
There are liars, damn liars, then statistics
If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you
Reaching out
Going astray
Barking up the wrong tree
Harping on it
Core values
Butting heads
A bastion of truth (or love etc)
Opposite poles
Intestinal fortitude
Up and coming
Won the battle, but lost the war
Head knowledge
Casting a shadow
A house of cards
A stacked deck
Age is beauty
Bargain basement price
A fool and his money will soon part company
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Life is a bowl of cherries
Life in the fast lane
Sealed with a kiss
Marching to a different drummer
heart to heart

Paradise lost to Paradise regained   Leave a comment

‘Goodbye Cruel World!’
…Hello New World!
Currently some 22000 people have committed suicide in Japan alone during the past year, many of those being youths. How sad is that!?

Indeed the prospects for youths and even adults has been severely affected by the Covid-19 virus and variants. But that is only one cause for giving up on life, world wide.
My point in addressing this tragic issue is somewhat related to John Milton’s epic poems; ‘from paradise lost to paradise regained’, * but not entirely.

No doubt the absence of hope is the root cause of most suicide. Clearly then, what is needed is real hope for the future based on solid facts!

Where can we find such real hope in a world that consistently engenders economic greed; government corruption; destruction of the environment; crime and violence; and the list goes on!?

Milton’s ancient poem of return to paradise somewhat parallels the hope described in scripture. But is that a solid foundation for belief and faith in the future? My assertion is ‘definitely’, but how so, you may ask?

Consider for a moment the certainty of the heavenly rotation of this beautiful planet we live on. Is there any doubt that each day the sun will arise from the East and continue to set in the West? No, the earth’s place in the solar system is absolutely certain and predictable.
The promise of ‘a return to paradise’ is a main theme of scripture. And scripture has been proven to be just as reliable as the rising of the sun!

How can this be said? To begin with most scripture is recorded history of God’s dealings with man. That being the case, it’s possible to compare the biblical record with the known facts of history. Does it meet that litmus test, indeed it does! In fact many times the previously doubted Bible record has been proven correct when new archaeological and/or other factual historical evidence comes to light. Indeed scriptures have shamed its critics and proven to be accurate beyond any contradiction time and again.

Next, there is the matter of prophecy. In proven fact the great majority of Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled exactly as they were specifically recorded. That includes literally hundreds of prophecies relating to the life of Jesus Christ, and that in spite of having been recorded literally hundreds of years before his birth! Therefore fulfillment of scriptural prophecies is not conjecture, but are well proven truth’s often obscured by critics, or ignored by skeptics such as evolution theorists!

In addition to reliable historical and prophetic scriptures, what other logical reasoning can we apply, e.g. ‘where did mankind’s sense of justice and conscience come from’? It simply cannot begin to be explained by evolution! And ‘why would life on earth exist at all if it has no purpose’?

The answer my friends is ‘written on the wind’, in a manor of speaking. The rotten conditions that exist on our beautiful planet are not in keeping with its purpose at all. Little wonder so many people feel hopeless. We naturally and rightly wish for a better world, a united world of mankind living in peace and security with plenty for all! And that is exactly what is promised for those who exercise due faith in our Creator’s promise to regain paradise lost!

Yes I know you may very well be skeptical owing to the centuries old gross hypocrisy and exploitation of religious elements. Those who claim to represent God but have proven far, far, from that noble purpose. Yet those false teachers do not prevent us from having the true hope the scriptures provide! Solid scriptural and logical evidence as described along with environmental and celestial observation, provides certainty as sunrise and sunset!

Clearly we are not, and never were, born predators, neither are we naturally prejudicial. On the contrary its only necessary to observe how loving and empathetic young children are in order to appreciate our true human nature, no matter how that has been suppressed.

Therefore I appeal to all who are rightly depressed by world conditions today to have genuine hope in a paradise regained on earth. It is impossible for the One who created us in his own image to allow existing conditions to continue. Rather he has a set out a time-table for correction that we must patiently respect. In his good time he specifically granted his prophets to record and give us that hope. His purpose is to eliminate ‘all destructive elements’ who dominate mankind today; economic; political; and military** ; to mention a few, for all time to come!!

Indeed, God’s purpose is to give all those who truly wish it an opportunity to participate in turning our home into the ‘true paradise’ he intended in the first place. That is his unchangeable will and purpose!

‘And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away,’…. ‘And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away’…. ‘And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.’….’Also he says: “Write, for these words are faithful and true.’

(Revelation 21:1-5 excerpts ) For more details please visit:

** “For too long, we have been waging a senseless and suicidal war on nature. The result is three interlinked environmental crises: climate disruption, biodiversity loss and pollution that threaten our viability as a species.”
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Mayflower Voyage; a sober story   Leave a comment

Not sure who wrote this surprising and interesting post but I do not take credit for it…in fact it appears to have originated with this UK site:

On August 5, 1620, the Mayflower departed Plymouth, England, on a journey across the Atlantic. Their destination was the Virginia Colony.

In other words, from the start, their intent was to head further south.

Keep in mind three important facts:

Their original destination was not what is now the Boston area, the place where they finally settled.
Boston is south of Plymouth, England (51° N vs. 42° N).
The intended destination was even further south (51° N vs. 40° N).

The journey was beset by many delays. They originally intended to set off in July. Since most of the people making the voyage were then living in Leiden, in the Netherlands. The plan was for a sister ship, the Speedwell, to depart England for the Netherlands, pick up the passengers, return to Southampton, join the Mayflower, and then the two ships would begin their journey.

On August 5, the two ships set sail for the New World. The Speedwell began leaking, so they docked in Dartmouth for repairs. They set out again on August 21, and after a few days at sea, the Speedwell began leaking again. The leaders of the voyage determined that the Speedwell would return to England, while the Mayflower would continue across the Atlantic. So, after transferring supplies, the Mayflower finally set out on September 6 — over a month behind schedule.

The transatlantic crossing proved treacherous. While the voyage initially proceeded smoothly, the ship was beset by storms and foul weather during the second half of the trip. They finally spotted land (modern-day Cape Cod) on November 9 — 66 days after they had departed.

Their original plan was to journey about 250 miles further south to establish their colony, but they faced a grave problem: They had run out of beer. Drinking water, in those days, would spoil and become notoriously disease-ridden. Travelers, like those journeying on the Mayflower, relied on beer as a drinking source that wouldn’t spoil. But they had run out.

After exploring the coastline of Cape Cod and the mainland, they finally chose Plymouth, just west of Cape Cod, as the place they would establish their colony, and on December 25 1620 — Christmas Day — they established Plymouth Plantation.

As I noted, their original destination was the Virginia Colony. They intended to settle on a large island, a place teeming with wildlife and natural resources, fronted by a huge and navigable natural harbor, and bordered by a wide river that flowed from far into the interior. At that point in history, the northern boundary of the Virginia Colony was about 225 miles farther north than the current border of Virginia. The island where the voyagers intended to establish their colony is today called Manhattan.

So, the Pilgrims settled in Boston, rather than New York City, because they ran out of beer.

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Covid-19 conundrum   Leave a comment

Indeed it seems there are many who regard Covid-19 as ‘other peoples’ problem! How tragically short-sighted are such attitudes. Disregarding the harm it may well cause family, relatives, friends and others is grossly selfish. And it WILL impact those who take that stand eventually. It may be compared to driving down the highway at full speed in a dense fog. You cannot see the consequences of your actions until you run into an 18 wheeler! In fact that is the main focus of this post, namely the ‘inability’ to see future consequences of our actions. In all honesty this is an undeniable failure of ALL of us imperfect mankind, past and present! But is it even possible to gain reliable, trustworthy foresight for the future? Let’s begin with an honest appraisal of our humanity…. Visit

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Veterans Paws program   Leave a comment

The dog adoption program for veterans is very touching. Clearly it mediates some of the emotional turmoil men who have been exposed to wartime conditions. Emotions of extreme fear, horror, or pure anxiety; feelings non-veterans cannot even imagine. Its a great program because of the non-judgmental and supportive nature of canines for sure.

My only comment as a non-combatant RCN Sailor of years gone by is that this program reveals our basic human need for love and understanding.

With utmost respect to the reader of this post: If genuine hope for a loving future is your desire, it can be found in the prophecies of the holy Bible. Therefore please, please, visit where I promise you will find that support!!

Ultra Violet Light danger   Leave a comment

Reading about a courageous woman with a rare disease caused by UV (Ultra Violet radiation) motivates this post.

Of course natural sunshine embodies UV light, but who would doubt 21st century atmospheric conditions do not adversely affect normal delivery of those rays to us today.?

Whether or not that is the case. we do normally require natural sunlight for the production of vitamin D etc. However there are reasons to believe that extra exposure to UV may well be detrimental to our heath.

Therefore I’m writing this post to simply point out, as that woman very well did, that any excess UV exposure can be harmful. How harmful? In her case she can no longer be exposed to normal daylight and must live only as a night person. The frightening disease she has is rare, but who knows how much harm is caused by the constant UV exposure in offices and homes for millions of others by ubiquitous fluorescent lights!?

Case in point: I recently received a diagnosis of BCC (Basal Cell Carcinoma) in an area near my right ear. It’s not considered serious, however that form of cancer is definitely known to be caused by UV radiation, and in my case I firmly believe it was caused by a low wattage, twin-tube, fluorescent reading lamp. In fact I have used that lamp on a daily basis for many years just above my right ear!

True; I have no solid scientific facts to back this up, however take note that the Canadian Cancer Society did not dispute this possibility when I checked with them.

Therefore anyone reading this please take note: the skin damage caused by excessive sun-bathing, or by tanning studio lights, may only be the tip of the iceberg. Its quite clear that prolonged exposure to UV light, be it from the sun, or from fluorescent lighting sources, (including to a lessor degree LED lighting), is definitely dangerous and harmful!

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Los Algodones Mexico Dental Warning   Leave a comment

If you are a Canadian, and non-resident of the USA, thinking of traveling by air etc to Yuma Arizona and Los Algodones Mexico; beware!

I recently did this without thinking about the necessary border crossing return trip from Mexico into the USA for a flight home; big mistake! US border officers nearly prevented me from crossing the border due to their Coronavirus restrictions!

Perhaps only because of the fact I had a return flight booked for Canada later on the same day, I was allowed passage through their hallowed territory. But not without a stern warning to ‘not try this again’ or be marked for all future US border entry.

Of course the prevention of border crossing into the US is ironic, given the fact their covid-19 pandemic is far worse per capita than it is in Canada…just sayin’!

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Creation Imagined   Leave a comment

I believe Einstein once said: ‘imagination is better than intelligence’. His words seem to fit many scientists and educators today.

Many human traits are laudable, however true imagination is lacking!
In fact despite years of worldly education and training, most if not all modern scientists and teachers are implicitly missing genuine imagination, such as Einstein himself well demonstrated.

Case in point: advanced beings of high intelligence in the universe have often been imagined, and yet the concept of a ‘Creator’ of all things is commonly dismissed!

Strange as it seems, I’m suggesting the reason is because of a self-imposed limit on genuine imagination, a blind spot, when it comes to imagining an all-powerful God, a Creator of all things!

Yes a general human inability to embrace the concept of a living being with such vast power and intelligence. A Creator of the entire universe, and all life in it, as set out in inspired scriptures!

When astronauts walked on the moon, they were struck not only with the beauty of earth, but the very profound feeling they were witnessing the work of a timeless, all-powerful Creator. And if it is within our ability to grasp, or imagine such a father of all life, how hard is it to visualize that he would ever allow imperfect humans to destroy this jewel of creation!?

No indeed, such true imagination and logical faith provides hope for relief from our rapidly declining worlds’ system of things. In fact such relief is actually ‘inevitable’, why? Because a Creator of all life must care for his works of creation, just as we humans care for our very best works.

Our Creator will not see either the earth or mankind completely destroyed; ‘that’ is truly… unimaginable!!

Unforgettable Experience   Leave a comment

Today’s early season snow report for Denver (Sept.8/20) triggered memory of an unforgettable experience in the early 80’s travelling to Oklahoma City.

As I reached the mile-high city a major snowstorm engulfed my old Mazda sedan. Doggedly I kept trucking on until past Denver elevated in the mountains. Huge snowflakes were falling so fast I could barely see as far as my headlights were showing.

For awhile I managed to follow a few other cars, but the road was soon completely invisible. All we could do is hope the lead car we were following was still on the road, although the speed of the group was erratic to say the least.

As we came over a sudden hill I was rapidly over-taking the car in front of me and had to ease off so quickly the heavy old Mazda began a long heart stopping uncontrolled slide right off the road! Miraculously we hit what appeared to be a short guard rail, (who knows what was beyond that barrier). The car literally bounced and slid back to what hopefully was the center of the road!

There was no way to determine if I was even on the road now. All sense of position was gone, but at least there was absolutely no traffic in the opposite direction. In fact soon there was no traffic visible of any kind, so no cars to follow. I have no idea where others had gone. But now I was completely alone in a snowstorm of the century. So I believed I had to keep going or they likely wouldn’t have found my frozen body until spring.

The snow was several feet deep now after only a few hours from its beginning to fall. I drove on all night at about 30 mph with my eyes as big as saucers in a purely brainless survival mode. Finally the highway began a long gradual decline down from the mountains. After hours of blind travel I found myself in bright morning sunshine with no snow in sight. I soon caught up to miles of bumper to bumper highway traffic. Where they all came from I could not even guess.

Perhaps because I was in a near catatonic state of mind after my night-long white-out travel, and because all the traffic was barely moving, I decided to travel down the opposite lane! I began flying past the miles of barely moving bumper to bumper jammed traffic in the wrong lane, thankfully there was no oncoming traffic at all. Probably no one was heading up the road to snow-bound Denver. Now exhaust from my oil-burning high mileage Mazda was leaving a well marked trail, like an old steam locomotive. Still not fully understanding why no one else was doing the same thing, in that empty opposite lane!?

After passing several miles of cars I realized I was sticking out like a sore thumb in the wrong lane. Sure enough a highway patrol sheriffs’ car was coming up fast behind me with multi lights flashing. I quickly inserted myself in the right lane finding a small gap in front of an 18 wheeler. Pulling over and stopping on the shoulder of the road, trying to hide, didn’t work. The State trooper had me cold. I can’t remember now if he gave me a ticket, or a warning, since technically all I was doing was legally passing everything on the road! However I do seem to remember a slight smirk on his face, apparently traveling down the wrong side of the highway passing everything on the road for miles, while leaving a smoke trail, isn’t exactly approved, even though I never encountered any conflicting traffic!

As I mercifully managed to continue on to OK city, I was totally exhausted and falling asleep at the wheel, no matter how hard I fought it. Entering city limits on a multi-lane freeway in the far right lane, another 18 wheeler was at my side. He must have noticed my somewhat erratic driving and realized I was falling asleep at the wheel. Thankfully his rapidly blasting loud horn just barely managed to help me keep my head up and avoid going under his wheels. The truth is the driver of that rig saved my life.
End of story.

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Mars and-or Bust!   Leave a comment

What is driving the ever-increasing efforts to search for information about the planet Mars at great expense!?

Surely this is a fair question to ask given the very expensive international competition today. The enormous expenditure and use of human and material resources begs an answer.

After all, alternative uses of such resources are endless in this pandemic world. Things such as hunger; poverty; homelessness; crime; and the list goes on. It could well be argued these and many other societal issues should be the real national priorities.

Instead we have an intense focus on a search for greater knowledge of outer space, and mars in particular. Indeed, a search that will never be completed. In fact the usual consequence of exploration and research is ever more unanswered questions!

True, thirst for knowledge is definitely part of the human equation. But that desire is parallel to ever increasing problems mankind has created! It may be said that ‘never the twain will meet’ when it comes to these two primary issues; the quest for knowledge, and resolving human failures both natural and societal, they are both seemingly endless issues. But I digress;

To get back to the original question; why has the race to explore space, and Mars in particular, taken on such urgency today?

I am only one humble member of the human family, but imho its like this; Mankind is seeking to obviate its societal failures, otherwise known as an attempt to escape the reality of human failure on earth! Failures I will not attempt to list here but honest people will freely admit they exist in spades.

No doubt, this answer will offend ardent supporters of space exploration owing to a basic desire in all of us to learn more about our place in the universe. However, please consider my reasoning seriously; what is more important: increasing knowledge of outer space that will never be fully satisfied, or serious commitments for the betterment of the earth and mankind now? The answer is surely obvious to sincere people.

Please visit

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Disrespect for Law   Leave a comment

It has been my experience that minorities in the USA have little respect for the law. This opinion is not based on any prejudice whatsoever, but rather on objective personal business experience in OK City years ago.

Perhaps the most obvious proof of it is that the largest minority people, only 13% of the population, make up a much larger percentage of the prison population. This is true even after you take into account systemic prejudice.

There are strong indications a deep underlying resentment and defiance of law has been passed down to today’s minority offspring. Perhaps there is even a genetic reason why they appear to mistakenly believe they have a right to disregard public laws altogether!

Whether genetically passed down or not, a basically non-compliant rebellious minority causes the majority to act unjustly, even abusively. In other words there seems to be a ‘catch twenty-two’ vicious cycle, how sad is that.?

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Oregon experience   Leave a comment

After purchasing a 100 year old two-storey Austin Street residence that was in need of repairs on a very short term private contract. The work progressed well.

I turned it into a simple up and down duplex, with cozy one bedroom upper suite. Now with young rental tenants upstairs the time to resell and pay off the private financing was not far off.

In fact progress had been so good I wanted to reward my family, as a private pilot.

So I took the required pilot medical in Medford Oregon to obtain a US private pilot endorsement, plus a check ride in a Piper Cherokee thus allowing me to rent said plane for a short pleasure trip around the area with my family.

After circling the nearby spectacular Table Rock volcanic plateau at low altitude, we cruised over the Rogue Valley and further South over the popular ski slopes of Mt. Ashland.

All in all it was a memorable experience that day, which I truly hope left a lasting impression on my children. After all, few could claim to have had such experience.

I CAN’T BREATHE!   Leave a comment

The now well known expression “I CAN’T BREATHE” is truly ironic, in particular for Chinese and South Asian people, why?!

As is well known, innocent people in those countries and world-wide are being subjected to extremely harmful air pollution that we in North America can only just begin to understand, that is unless you were living or visiting Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s that is. 

This is arguably a far greater failure of imperfect humanity, and affects a far greater population than African-Americans’ in their dealings with police in the USA, as tragic as that clearly is!

This is not to minimize police abuse, or violent protests, rather it is my humble attempt to suggest a ‘much wider perspective‘ of mankind; no more and no less.

Evolution vs intelligent Creation!   Leave a comment

“As an evolutionist, is there a piece of evidence you’ve seen that points to intelligent design?”

(Readers please note: if you can fully understand this quote you are way ahead of me! However the conclusion of his reasoning is very clear!)  The following astute comment was made by James Elmore B.S., M.D. Medicine & Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduated 1998 in answer to this question:


This may look like gibberish at first, but trust me it’s anything but.
The top row is the partial DNA sequence of the INK4a gene that codes for an important regulatory protein. The second row is its partial amino acid sequence.

What’s amazing here though is the third row. It shows how the same exact DNA sequence used to code INK4a is also used to code the amino acid sequence of a completely unique protein (ARF) with a different regulatory function. So the ARF gene is literally a gene within a gene. Just by starting on a different nucleotide which causes a completely different reading frame.

The Regulation of INK4/ARF in Cancer and Aging

Note that these 2 proteins aren’t just different forms of the same protein—they are entirely unique. There is NO shared amino acid homology.

While no analogy is perfect here, what you are looking at would be akin to writing 2 unique sentences with entirely different meanings just by starting on a different letter!

And it’s now estimated that up to 10% of our genomes include overlapping genes. The number is growing.

“Overlapping genes have generally been thought to be relatively rare in the human genome, but the results of the present study show that they are more abundant than was previously thought. Interestingly, overlapping genes do not appear to be the result of evolutionary pressure to minimize the size of the human genome.”

Overlapping of Genes in the Human Genome

Sure, this can be and is explained away using the common descent paradigm. But it really does and should test the limits of credulity. Here’s why:

The total number of possible protein sequences is ~infinite. Even for an average protein 200 amino acids long there are more possible sequences than there are protons in the known Universe. But only a minuscule fraction are biologically useful. If you do the math it turns out you’d have to search through 10^74 chains of that length to find a single one that folds into a stable structure and performs any function.

And this particular gene has 2 of them coded by the exact same DNA!

Genomes and the Protein Universe

The Mathematics of Origin

There’s more reasons to be incredulous though. Overlapping genes make proteins with entirely different and unrelated functions. Because they are unique they may not be selected for (or against) by the same environmental pressures. So if a mutation changes one for the good it is very likely to degrade the function of the other. So either these genes are not influenced by selective pressure (but we think they should be) or must have arisen together. Meaning they must have been created simultaneously after a duplication and subsequent mutation-divergence events. But as it turns out their occurrence is often uniquely species specific and independent of phylogeny. Either way it’s hard to make sense of this from an evolutionary perspective.

Overlapping genes of Aedes aegypti: evolutionary implications from comparison with orthologs of Anopheles gambiae and other insects

Some of these important and statistcally improbable biologically useful proteins form when the DNA is read left to right AND different but useful proteins when read right to left.

It would be like buying a book which when read front to back chronicles the adventures of Harry Potter but if read back to front, tells you how to be happier, sell more, start a business, or find the man/woman of your dreams.

And many of the larger proteins with multiple domains are folded into specific configurations by other proteins called chaperone proteins.

Enzymes as chaperones and chaperones as enzymes

If a string of amino acid isn’t correct the chaperonin chews it up and recycles the amino acids.

So…in order to get a new protein with a new function you’d have to also have simultaneous and cooperative mutations in the gene that codes for that particular chaperone.

But proteins don’t really work like that. They aren’t sculptures that can be sculpted little by little. If mutations change the amino acid sequence too much you get sudden and drastic changes in protein configuration. In fact, a single nucleotide insertion will cause the protein to form a completely different shape and render it unable to perform its original function. At all.

Indeed, at one time it was believed that the redundancy in the genetic code was a sloppy by-product of evolution. Now, though, we realize that there are multiple codons for each amino acid specifically so that genes can be read, spliced, and translated in multiple different ways to achieve jaw-dropping regulatory networks.

These regulatory networks appear exquisitely designed. This diagram compares that of a bacteria e. coli (left) to the “call graph” of the modern Linux OS (right). Linux, of course, is one of the most popular operating systems for mobile devices, web servers, and film production. Disney uses it. And without getting into details here, the bacteria makes Linux look pretty bad.
From: Comparing genomes to computer operating systems in terms of the topology and evolution of their regulatory control networks.

If you believe what we are finding these days is explicable from purely natural random and selected processes you have more faith than I do. For these and many other reasons

I’ve jumped ship and have come to believe this has to be Designed!  

Welcome to all those who have begun to grasp Romans 1:20;

“For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the world’s creation onward, because they are perceived by the things made,+ even his eternal power+and Godship,+ so that they are inexcusable.”

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an evolutionist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
Werner Heisenberg   (father of Quantum Mechanics)

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RC Church: a corrupt organization by Neil Macdonald (originally published 2018)   Leave a comment

Just re-read this article by Neil Macdonald and was struck by its frank truthfulness. It seems like it has not received the attention it should have, so I’m adding it to my site for that reason. This link to the published article still works;

Here is a slimmed down version:

By secular standards, the Catholic Church is a corrupt organization: Neil Macdonald
Federal authorities should treat it like one
Neil Macdonald · CBC News · Posted: Aug 26, 2018 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: August 26, 2018
Solutions for priestly abuse: wiretaps, search warrants, informers and ordaining women (Stefano Rellandini/Reuters)    WARNING: This column contains disturbing details

Imagine for a moment that a big, admired multinational corporation, one selling a beloved product, was employing large numbers of male pedophiles and rapists, operating in rings all over the world, and that their crimes had been uncovered in Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, Belgium, France, Austria, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, Britain, Germany and the United States, and, further, that senior executives had systematically covered up and suppressed evidence, transferring and enabling hundreds of predators, betraying thousands of victims.
What would happen to the company is not terribly difficult to imagine.
At a minimum, the U.S. government would likely use its Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law to go after not only the rapists and molesters, but also the company’s executives, up to and including its CEO if possible, seizing the company’s assets and seeking the harshest possible prison terms. That’s the sort of thing RICO was invented for. The company would almost certainly collapse.
But of course no company’s warranty guarantees everlasting life, and no company maintains that its CEO is chosen by God.
Grand jury report
The Roman Catholic church does, which is the only explanation for why, after the release of a grand jury report that detailed more than 1,000 cases of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania over several decades by more than 300 predators in clerical collars, many of whom are still alive, millions of American Catholics continued to attend mass.
The report detailed anal, oral and vaginal rape. It told of cases like the Pittsburgh priests who forced a young boy to strip naked and pose as Christ on the cross, then photographed him and shared the pictures for their later enjoyment – an in-church child pornography operation.
Or the priest who forced a nine-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him, then “purified” the boy’s mouth with holy water. Or another priest who forced his victim to confess to him.
More than 1,000 children abused by Pennsylvania priests, report says
‘We showed no care for the little ones’: Pope’s letter vows to end sex abuse, coverups
Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, told reporters last week that high church officials “routinely and purposefully described the abuse as ‘horseplay’ and ‘wrestling,'” choosing to transfer the pedophiles to other congregations (where they’d have a whole new selection of horseplay partners), or send them away for prayerful reflection before returning to duty.
Unfortunately, though, Shapiro said, the statute of limitations has run out in most of the cases, or the priests involved had died.
Pity, Shapiro was implying, because if they could, authorities would vigorously pursue and prosecute and imprison not only the perpetrators, but their enablers and protectors.
Or not. Actually, probably not.
Inevitably, that scale of prosecution – we are talking about inflicting severe damage to the Catholic Church in the United States – would require steadfast political will, and seriously, what politician seeking re-election wants to alienate 24 per cent of Americans, many of whom, despite clear evidence of the church’s moral rot, insist on believing it is infallible?
Pope Francis released an open letter to the world’s Catholics after the Pennsylvania revelations, basically repeating the company line. (Alessandra Tarantino/Associated Press)
The same goes elsewhere. Revelations of horrors in all the above-mentioned Western countries (here in Canada, there was documented abuse in Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, where the church’s Mount Cashel orphanage was operated as sort of a prison for child sex slaves) resulted in dismissals of some church officials, some lawsuits and a handful of criminal convictions, but not much more than that.
Each time, the Pope or one of his high subalterns would lament human frailty, and drone on about the sacred duty to protect the most vulnerable, while privately fighting to thwart civil suits or conspiring to keep facts from investigating authorities.
Pope Francis, who enjoys the most saintly reputation of any recent pope (except for John Paul II, who was actually made a saint, despite all the ugly revelations on his watch) released an open letter to the world’s Catholics after the Pennsylvania revelations, basically repeating the company line: gosh, sorry, that was terrible, we must do better, God bless you all, go in peace.
Noting first that “most of these cases belong to the past,” (don’t all cases belong to the past?) the Pope banged on for 2,000 words about feeling the pain of the vulnerable, and the necessity of ensuring it doesn’t happen again (and again and again and again), but his central theme was expressed right off the top in a line from Corinthians: “If one member suffers, all suffer together with it.”
Yes. Of course. Let’s compare the spiritual suffering the Pope claims the revelations have caused him to that of a child being sodomized by an adult stalker in a clerical collar, a monster the boy probably doesn’t think he’s even allowed to complain about.
Resisting change
The right thing for the Pope to do would be to waive his sovereign privilege (he is a sitting head of state), and invite criminal authorities to freely and fully access church records worldwide, and drain the holy swamp. He might also consider at this stage ordaining women, because women are God’s creatures too, perfectly able to spiritually guide the faithful, and, umm, don’t tend to rape children.
But the privileged old men who run the church aren’t going to allow any of that. They’re a bit like gun control opponents, opposing an obvious solution on doctrinaire grounds.
There actually have been a few attempts to use the RICO statute against priests, notably in Cleveland, but jurors did not convict.
When former Oklahoma governor and former federal prosecutor Frank Keating, a practicing Catholic, compared the church’s obsession with secrecy to the Mafia’s, Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles demanded his ouster from a church board examining clerical abuse. Keating resigned from the panel.
Mahony, who covered up sexual abuse by priests in California, according to church records, retired peacefully at age 75. Only after a court order compelled the Los Angeles archdiocese to open its files on abuse was Mahony gently rebuked by the church.
The National
Pope Francis condemns priestly sexual abuse.
Pope Francis condemned priestly sexual abuse and its cover-up by the Catholic Church, in a public letter. In addition to demanding accountability, Francis begged forgiveness for the pain suffered by victims and said Catholics must be involved in any effort to root out abuse. 2:11
By any secular standard, the Catholic Church is a corrupt organization. It in fact sets the standard for impunity.
Cardinal Bernard Law, who presided over the coverup of the church’s famous Boston sex abuse scandals, was plucked and brought to Rome by Pope John Paul II, where he resided until he died at the Vatican, beyond the reach of American prosecutors.
Earlier this year, after Bishop Juan Barros of Chile was accused of covering up clerical abuse, Pope Francis denounced the accusers’ “calumny.” When it turned out that there was merit to the accusations, and that the Vatican had been informed of the problem, Francis claimed he’d been misinformed. A few weeks later, all 34 of Chile’s bishops tendered their resignations. Francis eventually accepted three of them.
And now, Catholic activist Susan Reynolds has gathered thousands of signatures on a letter demanding the resignation of all American bishops. It would be the right thing to do, but at a guess, the very notion amuses America’s bishopry, comfortable in their armour of piety.
RICO, aggressively deployed by federal prosecutors using wiretaps, search warrants and informants, would be far more effective. They can’t all flee to Rome.
This column is part of CBC’s Opinion section. For more information about this section, please read this editor’s blog and our FAQ.
Neil Macdonald
Opinion Columnist
Neil Macdonald is an opinion columnist for CBC News, based in Ottawa. Prior to that he was the CBC’s Washington correspondent for 12 years, and before that he spent five years reporting from the Middle East. He also had a previous career in newspapers, and speaks English and French fluently, and some Arabic.
More by Neil Macdonald
CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices|About CBC News
More than 1,000 children abused by Pennsylvania priests, report says
THE NATIONAL TODAY Pope condemns sex abuse by priests: What we know about number of victims, scope of settlements
‘There’s no room for forgiveness’: Pope’s sexual abuse letter meaningless to survivor
Southdown Institute: A ‘shield’ for the Church or a place to provide ‘meaningful’ help for pedophile priests?
‘It wasn’t me’: Disgraced Catholic priest denies touching boy in 1970s.

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Reno car show   Leave a comment

It was at or near sunset when I landed right behind a classic biplane Waco from Washington State. My Mooney airplane was slightly intimidated by the Waco as I parked alongside it. The Waco is a true classic bi-plane with radial engine and great performance.

It had been slightly more than a whim to visit the Harahs Reno car collection, a truly amazing collection of cars, some even ‘one-of-a kind’ creations by some brilliant inventors, located in several large covered garages, and a shuttle bus took us out from the Harahs’ cassino in Reno, this was in the 70’s. (Sadly that collection has now been eliminated following Harah’s death).

When I checked in to the airport registry I got to know the friendly owner of the Waco, his wife, and friend, and he offered to share a cab into town. This sort of instant fellow pilot friendship is common by the way.

When we entered a casino he trustingly asked me to look after his wife(!) at a bar while he and his friend were going to do some gambling, so we had a drink together. I had no interest in gambling, and after they returned I was out on my own looking for an overnight place to stay.

As it turned out there were ‘no vacancy’s’ everywhere that night. So I was getting a little desperate. Finally I ventured into a decent hotel and asked the desk clerk if he ‘had a rollaway for the laundry room?

To this very day I do not know where that idea came from, but apparently he assumed I was a tour bus driver and the idea was not totally unknown to him, for a modest fee that is!

Needless to say it was a very odd experience to wake up with an audience of chuckling cleaning women in the laundry room!

Another episode in my adventurous, perhaps somewhat outrageous, flying experiences.

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Sea Turtle Extinction!   Leave a comment

The claim by those involved in preventing sea turtle extinction is that they have ‘helped’ them. While this may partly seem like a matter of symantecs, the truth is that only human ‘non-intervention’ could rightly be called ‘help’, be it for sea turtles or the hundreds if not thousands of other forms of life on planet earth.

When will it be acknowledged that, in fact, it is human interference and ignorance that is the fundamental reason why all life on earth is threatened! This is not just a matter of symantecs, but a basic reality that needs to be very humbly admitted. Only then will it be possible for us to accept our supreme Creator as the guide to full and complete restoration of planet earth as it was in the very beginning.

That restoration is coming, in spite of human opposition and arrogance, very soon. So we can either submit to the Creator’s purpose, or continue to ignore it, that is the choice he has given us. For more info please visit

What Christmas is all about (2)   Leave a comment

At this time of year, there are so many (pardon the expression) phony ‘spirit of Christmas’ commentaries that it really necessitates this posting.

If and when there was ever ‘genuine’ good will towards men, as espoused by a minority at this time of year, the world would certainly not be in the dismal condition it truly is in today.

What is even more fictitious is the conception that Christmas is based on the birth of the most significant human to have ever lived.  Far from it, this annual  celebration, touted as being Christian in origin, is forever steeped in the most un-christian, yes even ‘anti-christian’ beliefs… how can this be so?

There is no better explanation than that the principal religions of Christendom have themselves been party to the propaganda that has misled their flocks into this incredible dilution.  Why this was undertaken can be summed up in one word; politics.

That’s right, shortly after the last of the faithful followers of Christ died, there was a major political movement to incorporate pagan religion into the teaching of Christ, and it has been amazingly successful.

Indeed, ask the majority of Church-goers today what Christmas is based on and they would undoubtedly claim it is the birth of Christ.  How absurd that is!

Historical Timeline Involving Christmas:

1513 BCE – 60 CE (1600 years of recorded Bible History)

Period of inspired Biblical writings and prophecies, many concerning Jesus Christ.  No mention of his date of birth; nor its being celebrated by his 12 apostles.

No mention of Christmas. No mention of any holy person celebrating a birthday – only sinners (like Pharoah and Herod). (Gen. 40:20; Matt. 14:6; Mark 6:21-28; John 18:36)

2269-2030 BCE

History of Sun worship. Began in ancient Babylonia  by worshiping the sun god Shamash & Nimrod – parallels exist between Babylonian New Years & Christmas celebrations  (historian Pimlott in ‘The Englishman’s Christmas’).

500 BCE
Celtic Druids used mistletoe winter solstice celebrations due to it being viewed as magical, mysterious, and sacred.

150 BCE
Romans began celebrating Saturnalia (where many Christmas traditions find
their origin)

45 BCE

Julius Caesar introduced the Julian Calendar making December 25 (not today’s 21 or 22) the date of the winter solstice (shortest day of the year).

33 CE
Jesus was  Killed.  The Apostle Paul warned Timothy that “wicked men & impostors” would slip into the congregation and mislead many. (2 Timothy 3:1

Josephus popular 1st Century Jewish Historian reported that Jews did not celebrate birthdays, 1st century Christians (former Jews) continued the tradition of NOT celebrating them.

The foretold apostasy began after the death of the apostles (Acts 20:29, 30)
A period where Mithraism (syncretic Hellenistic mystery religion) was practiced in the Roman Empire. Mithras was a Roman soldiers god whose legendary birth (as some stories go) resembles the birth of Christ (being born of a virgin in the presence of shepherds). Devotees of Mithra (says the Catholic Encyclopedia) celebrated the birthday of the invincible sun (dies natalis Solis Invicti) on December 25. L.M. Wright, author of “Christianity, Astrology, And Myth” 2002; suggests that the early Christian Church was influenced by much of the myth and symbolism of Mithraism. The cult of Sol Invictius was the Roman Empire’s leading official cult of the fourth century – (Wikipedia)

4th Century
Christmas began being celebrated as Christ’s Birthday. Early Catholic Church Fathers banned the use of Mistletoe in Christmas celebrations due to their pagan origin. Origen & Tertullian Catholic ecclesiastical writers of the 2nd & 3rd centuries spoke against Birthday celebrations. Tertullian made no mention of Christmas in his thorough lists of celebrations.

218 – 222
Roman Emperor Elagabalus introduced the holiday of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, “birthday of the unconquered sun” was to be celebrated on Dec. 25 (where many Christmas traditions find their origin), and promoted it empire-wide when it reached its height in popularity.

Pope Gregory I wrote to Mellitus, his missionary in England, telling him “not to stop such ancient pagan festivities, but to adapt them to the rites of the Church, only changing the reason of them from a heathen to a Christian impulse.”  Thus reports Arthur Weigall, who once was inspector general of antiquities for the Egyptian government.

All religions, even Christianity were legalized in Roman


In the 1st counsel of Nicaea, Roman Emperor Constantine standardized Christian beliefs. According to the Catholic Church, Catholics began adopting pagan customs into Christianity. By the end of the century, Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire.

336 CE
1st historical record of December 25 as the assigned date of Jesus Birth

All Religions (including formerly persecuted Christianity) in Roman territory were legalized. It took nearly the entire 4th century for the Roman empire to transition State Religion from pagan cults to Christianity. The Merging of cultic tradition with Christianity greatly assisted in this transition.

The Council of Tours “proclaimed the 12 days from Christmas to Epiphany as
a sacred and festive season.”—The Catholic Encyclopedia for School and

10th Century

Christmas, along with Christianity, spread to Russia, where it became fused with the winter celebration of the ancient Slavs, honoring the spirits of the ancestors.  (The Great Soviet Encyclopedia)

16th Century

Christmas traditions spread to branches of Protestants during the
Protestant Reformation.

In England, Parliament discouraged Christmas feasting due to its heathen origin

Parliament banned Christmas by law

1659 – 1681
In North America, Massachusetts Bay Colony banned Christmas n which violators were subject to fine.

The Baptist Church of Newport [Rhode Island] observed Christmas for the
first time. This was about 130 years after the founding of the first Baptist
church in New England.

Alabama became 1st U.S. state to legalize Christmas

Commercialism revived Christmas, Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol” and Christmas Cards originated in London.

Oklahoma became the last U.S. state to legalize Christmas.

Jehovah’s Witnesses abandoned Christmas celebrations after learning of its pagan origins.


An overwhelming majority of sources agree that Christmas was almost entirely influenced by pre-Christian pagan celebrations.

There was no mention of Christmas nor any celebration of Christ’s birthday for hundreds of years after Jesus & his apostles died. The book Sacred Origins of Profound Things states: “For two centuries after Christ’s birth, no one knew, and few people cared, exactly when he was born.” Thus birthday celebrations, even of gods and leaders, were condemned as far as the late third century by Roman Catholic leaders.

Complexity and Beauty of Life on Earth   Leave a comment

I’ve touched on this subject before but am compelled to add to it because of ongoing observations.  As a senior citizen, I feel very blessed to have been able to observe some of nature throughout many years now, without being a back-woods hermit.

Though I cannot claim to have been on African Safari’s, or an explorer in deep sea quests, yet from my viewpoint and experience it is utterly obvious that we have only begun to appreciate the complexity and diversity of life on planet earth.

That complexity and diversity speaks volumes to me.  It says that there is a power and intelligence far beyond human capability, yet still within our capacity to appreciate…  if we are humble enough.

Humility is sadly lacking in most of humankind.  We prefer to theorize that somehow, by sheer accidental means we have developed into the ultimate life-form on earth.  Even worse, that we are capable of managing our own affairs, and even all the other life-forms of the earth wisely.

These assumptions, supported by never-ending, conflicting and unsupported fanciful theories, strikes me as the greatest weakness of our kind, otherwise known as absolute arrogance!

Countless generations of mankind has proven beyond a doubt we desperately need superior guidance to manage our own affairs and also to care for all other life on earth, much less the environment.  This unique and beautiful planet was never intended to be managed by us in isolation from its designer and builder.  Isn’t it about time we acknowledged that simple truth?

Evolution Foolishness   51 comments


Yes I do mean that those who continue to advocate the unproven ‘theory of evolution’ are, to put it respectfully; are among those grossly misled!

The simple proven fact is; there never has, and never will be, an evolutionary change of one genetic ‘kind’ to another.  Yes, I know that isn’t what you’ve been taught, or what the general media advertises, but it is the truth!

Obfuscation (defined as: To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand) has prevailed on this subject since the days of ‘Chuck’ Darwin.

Most reasonable people will not continue to believe in this truly infantile idea after considering some real evidence.

For example; there has never been, nor ever will be, a so-called ‘successful’ mutation!

Mutations, animal or vegetable, ‘always’ result in degradations of some type.  There is simply no proven case of a ‘beneficial mutation’, not even one, much less ‘millions’ proposed by this theory, (only in science fiction such as in ‘Mutants’ movies!)

However in scientific terms there is a proven natural process called ‘entropy’, which applies to inanimate objects as well as animate (living) cells.

You very well know that any creature born with abnormalities, (mutations), not withstanding the help of modern medical science, will not, can not, be an ‘improved’ version of any particular kind.  Much less be a ‘stepping stone’ to becoming an entirely ‘different’ kind of creature!  Here is a very recent example of the always debilitating effects of mutations – click this link to view;

gene mutations related to autism

Think about what would happen to your car if you were to park it in a farmers field and do nothing to it for 80 years.  Entropy is the breaking down to ‘disorder’ from something that is ‘ordered’.

This same principle applies to living creatures as well as inanimate objects, with living cells the process is called ‘aging’ (or ageing), remember the Eagles song ‘All We Are Is Dust In The Wind’.  Indeed, as biological creatures age, they invariably atrophy and die, returning to the dust.

This is science fact, not fiction, and it cannot be ignored.  Yet that is exactly what is done by those advocating evolution, ad nauseam.

Supplemental: a so-called News story on BBC America March 7th 2012; yet another prime example of media’s slavish promotion of pseudo-science, stating without any genuine factual evidence, that because the ‘great apes’ have 98% similar DNA as humans, this somehow links them some 10 million years ago.  This is just simply false science!

To further demystify this theory; within the dog ‘family’, there are a great variety of animals, all related, from foxes to wolves, to jackals and coyote’s, besides a countless number of domestic dog’s.  Great diversity within the dog family for sure, and they are all ‘genetically linked’.

However, at no time has a ‘dog kind’ of animal ever been, or ever will be, a ‘bird kind’, a ‘fish kind’, or an ‘insect kind’ of creature, by mutation, or by any other means, once again excluding human imagination!

And neither has each one of those ‘family kinds’ of creatures ever been any other kind.  This is not to be confused with the well proven capacity to ‘adapt’ to environmental conditions, which clearly exists perhaps in all life forms.  In other words environmental adaptation should not be confused with the idea of evolution, so please ‘read my lips’….

Adaptation is not mutation!  It simply does not result in a stepping stone or so-called big jump change to a different ‘family kind’ of creature!

Variations ‘within’ each family kind are often confused by the human-designation of ‘species’.  For example a wolf and a fox terrier may be regarded as different species as categorized by anthropologists etc. but that does not make them different ‘kinds’ of animal.  The same is true of black or gray squirrels, varieties of moths, or the 9,000 ‘species’ of birds!

To summarize; defining creatures as different species does not necessarily separate them genetically, they may very well be simply another member of their own ‘family kind’.

Describing animals within each ‘family kind’ as different ‘species’ merely obfuscates reality.*  Separation of family kinds by this arbitrary and often confusing method is a little like classifying basketball players as different from  each other because they play on different teams, wearing different colors and shorts!

The point is that there has never been fundamental changes ‘within’ each and every family kind so as to become a member of a different ‘family kind’.

And that includes the ‘human-kind’ of creature.

For example; Asian, Caucasian, Negroid,  and Germanic, et al are simply ‘humans’.  They are of the very same genetic human family kind of creature – as they have always been.  Evolutionists designations not withstanding, humans are not, and never have been, part of the ‘ape family’ or any other ‘family kind’ of creature than the human kind.

Recent genome studies are proving this every day.  Humans and apes are simply unrelated, that is a science fact.**

Please do not be misled by those who have themselves been blinded by a mysterious, devious, and completely unsupported theory.  So-called ‘transitional’ human artifacts, namely bits and pieces of bone which could actually be contained in a single travel trunk,  cannot and do not even begin to support the idea of millions of years of so called ‘dead ends’ as required by this theory, or its many variations of a theme!

Evolutionary theory, based on the mythical idea of ‘millions of years’ of mutations has been so frequently revised and re-worked – in a vain attempt to validate it – that it has now become a mish-mash of ‘multiple’, unproven, subjective theories, not even just a single theory anymore.

No matter how many “millions of year’s” are applied, basic well-proven scientific principals apply, and those principles completely refute the ‘theory of evolution’.  It will always remain only a theory no matter how that frustrates advocates.

Frankly, in my humble opinion, the main proponents are those who are too proud to accept the obvious… namely; all life on earth, animal and vegetable, is so highly complex and detailed that it simply could not be other than the product of a power and intelligence far beyond human understanding.  What’s more, as our understanding of all its complexities continue to grow, it should be fully appreciated as such!

Creation, (otherwise known as ‘nature’),  should not be ‘marginalized’ by unsupported theories which attempt to undermine the glory and beauty of the earth, and especially its wise, supremely intelligent, Creator.

Nature at its best, click here!

Indeed all life on earth, including ‘mankind’, gives abundant evidence of that awesome Creator, the one who made “each one according to its kind” so that everything was “very good”.   (please read Genesis, chapter 1, in the holy Bible).

But if that isn’t your desire, view this very revealing youtube video.  If your not convinced of ‘divinity’ after seeing this Mathematician there is nothing more I could say!

Click here….  From Conception to Birth!

* Species reference link, click here:

The Species ‘Problem’

**  International science team concludes;  “During the last decade it was commonly accepted that humans and…. chimpanzees, only differed by 1.24 % in our DNA sequences. This (new) discovery shows that this figure is absolutely incorrect and, what is more, may be ten times higher.” Also; “Humans and primates are qualitatively different.”   (extract from 2009 study), click here for…  2009 science team report

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will make you an evolutionist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

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Werner Heisenberg   (father of Quantum Mechanics)

TV Fatigue is real!   1 comment

Reality check; never mind ‘Covid-19 fatigue’, how about ‘TV fatigue’!?

Their is no denying TV is a big part of normal 21st century life for a vast majority of mankind. My question is; how many times are we willing to be exposed to the portrayal of gun violence; gross dead bodies; and devious police interviews, to name a few; add nauzeum!

Does it seem to you that such often repeated garbage programs have become the predominant format producers are ready and willing to embrace for TV production?

Is it because like most current movie productions; ’emotional shock value‘, is the primary goal? How disappointing is it that a majority of TV shows feature murder and gross violence, repeated over and over again!?

With few exceptions, such as mindless comedies, uplifting plots are almost non-existent. Old movies also contain violence, but not to the exclusion of all else! For example…

….whether you’re old enough to remember; ‘Gone with the Wind’; ‘Black beauty’; ‘The Ten Commandments’; ‘The Wizard of Oz’; ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, Look Who’s Coming to Dinner’; and other quality movies, movies that actually encourage some degree of morality, perhaps even a positive outlook on life! It’s my contention such movies and particularly TV shows are real exceptions today.

Today, positive TV entertainment is most often ‘missing in action’, replaced by degrading immorality, or in many cases fake spirituality. Are such low-brow movies having a debilitating effect on society?

Indeed the result of such so-called ‘entertainment’ may well be contributing to mental issues, suicides, and youth violence, not to mention a general decline in morality!

If parents take their responsibility seriously, they must first set an example for their children. They have their work cut out for them to oversee children’s access to degrading TV programs, including those from internet sources. A serious effort is required to protect them from the wicked influences spewing out of those portrayals.

Many will agree a much needed change to societies ‘norms’ is critical. According to a careful analysis of scripture that complete change and reversal is, in fact, coming very soon! It was and is clearly outlined in the inspired word of God…for example….

‘Do not be upset because of evil men, or be envious of wrongdoers’; ‘The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.’ (Psalms 37:1,29)

For much more such real, positive information including video’s, please visit:

Gun Violence   Leave a comment

Whether in the USA or anywhere else, is gun violence not understandable?

Isn’t it really a lack of understanding that is the real cause of gun violence?

If we are willing and able to reach out for others and truly empathize with them would gun violence still happen?

All humans need to be appreciated and understood, it’s a basic requirement of life. So its all about what we call love. The desire to give and receive genuine love. The primary form of scriptural love comes from the Latin AGA’PE, which may be generally described as love which is based on right principals.

The scriptures say ‘God is love’, consider how meaningful that is! Indeed he wishes us to reflect his own image, as his son well taught his followers. Indeed showing and communicating aga’pe love to others is the real cure for gun violence!

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After watching a repeat W5 TV show about SETA (searching for extraterrestrial life etc) I have to make a comment;

It seems to me that ‘extraterrestrial life’ is already here but not recognized as such!

No, I’m not referring to unique aquatic creatures, such as the amazing octopus as was suggested in that program, nor any other mysterious deep sea creature.

So what do I believe may be the unrecognized alien creature on earth;

wait for it…..

Indeed its us ‘humans’!

Ridiculous you say.? Well let’s objectively consider the evidence;

First; given a very long history of environmental damage to the earth humans may well be described as the ‘least compatible creature’ on earth.

Next; consider how very few of mankind actually commit to the support of all the other life-forms on earth. To the contrary, human record proves humans actually; exploit; abuse; and outright destroy; everything from flora to fauna, to animals and vegetables. A far cry from benefiting most other life forms on earth.

Finally; many humans are very discontent with their lives on earth and instead are seeking to occupy other places, such as on the planet Mars, or even much further away from earth if the opportunity presented itself.

So for those alien humans who are so inclined I must say; maybe that’s where you actually belong…!?


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How often we hear the expression today, i.e. ‘herd immunity’. Suggesting we are all some kind of animal group no less! Sure they are trying to convince us that mass immunization will be of common benefit, but sorry, I’m not impressed! As the old saying very well says; “experts know more and more about less and less”.

So please hang onto your common sense people, herd immunity is, imho, one of those well-meaning myths by those who regard themselves as ‘experts’. But rather, stick to the basics; limit human contacts; go outdoors as much as weather permits; eat a balanced diet and a drink a reasonable amount of red wine. That’s my ‘non-expert’ opinion. Hope it helps you! But if you want even much more ‘real’ help visit

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 ‘EzeHomeBuyer’ ™
(ISBN 0-9734121)
by C. Curtis
Update 02-2021:
Prices may appear to be out-of-date in this information, however the methods and tips described are as valid today as ever, perhaps even more so! If you find this (lengthy) instructional post useful, please make a donation, thanks!


Home ownership is a basic human desire, perhaps even a need.

Yet there are tens of thousands even in the United States who believe they
will never be able to own their own home. Does this apply to you also?
If so, please take heart, this informational posting is especially suited for you!
If you have regular source of income, the following example will show you
how to purchase your own home, regardless of financial limitations.

All that’s really needed is the right tool. For example, did you ever try to
change a flat tire without the help of a correct sized wheel-nut wrench?
Using that wrench is a fairly simple matter, but without it, there is almost
no way to get the leverage needed to remove those nuts!

The purpose of this posting then is to equip you with the leverage
you need to deal with today’s real estate market, using whatever income
or savings available. This information is solidly based on twenty years of
personal and professional experience in real estate, including my own
purchase of (exactly) twenty individual residential properties in the U.S.
and Canada, some of which were multi-units.


The great majority of home buying today is based on mortgage financing.
These loans are provided mainly by Banks, Savings and Loan Co’s., or
Credit Unions. Unfortunately, a large number of prospective buyers have
their dream of home ownership quickly trashed by the hard realities of
Mortgage loan qualifications.

Even if they do qualify, high costs of arranging conventional mortgages,
often added on to these loans, may severely restrict future enjoyment of
these heavily mortgaged homes.

And for exactly the same reasons, Sellers often find it difficult to sell their
property, even to willing Buyers, owing to mortgage loan restrictions and
payout penalties among other things. In other words financial barriers.

Is there a viable alternative for both Buyers and Sellers? Yes indeed, read

As with most good ideas, the answer is not a deep dark secret. Described
by some as creative financing, it is however, relatively unknown, often
misunderstood, and rarely used! This is true even among so-called
knowledgeable real estate Brokers and Sales Agents.

As you will see, creative financing is a leverage tool with virtually
unlimited real estate potential! Not only can it make your home ownership
dream come true, but with a little imagination the same method can be
employed to purchase property of all kinds. It need not be limited to home
ownership alone for those who truly take this information to heart and use it
with a confident and creative attitude.

The following will serve to introduce you to the basic concept of
‘wrap-around’ creative financing. The benefits of this Seller financing
method apply equally to Seller’s, but for clarity I will illustrate the method
from a Buyer’s perspective with a common, real estate purchasing scenario.


Lets assume the following real estate newspaper ad has attracted your

Rancher Beauty!
Immaculate 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, Rancher
on beautifully treed and landscaped lot.
Excellent location, near shops and schools.
Asking price $125,000. Call now..
Quick-sale Herbie at xyz Realty Co.

Calling the Real Estate Agency, you question the Listing Salesperson and
learn the owner has an existing first mortgage loan balance of $60,000.
His mortgage payments of $425. per month include 7% interest (per year).

This means the desired cash down payment is:
($125,000. – $60,000.) = $65,000. But a down payment of $65,000.
is clearly out of financial reach for a great majority of home buyers,
including you for puposes of this illustration at least.

Realizing this fact, the Salesperson naturally questions you about your
financial capacity, perhaps suggesting a lower down payment of say, 25% of
the full price, or $31,000.

His idea being for you to apply for a new first mortgage loan of $94,000.
(i.e. 31,000. + 94,000. = $125,000. full price). If you qualified for that loan,
and the interest rate is still at 7%, your payments would be around $665. p.m.

Possibly you have already experienced a similar situation. As with many
others, you may have concluded there simply was no hope of purchasing
such a home because; 1) you don’t have the suggested 25% down payment;
or 2) you don’t have sufficient income to qualify for a larger mortgage loan
with lower down payment; or 3) both!

If you can relate to this situation please take heart. The following steps
illustrate a highly effective alternative method which can enable you to
purchase a residence of your choice despite such financial barriers.


In Real Estate as any other endeavor, relevant information is key to success.
Gathering useful information is step number one in this creative finance
process also, and it will be crucial to your success.

You must tactfully and intelligently gather sufficient information about your
chosen property, and most important, you need to learn as much as possible
about any future plans and goals of the Seller, before formulating your offer
to purchase.

This can best be accomplished by:

a) asking tactful questions while viewing the property with or without an

b) carefully questioning the Listing Salesperson apart from the owner,

c) by directly contacting the Seller yourself * preferably after you have
been introduced through an Agent, (or personally if its a private seller).
Remember; the more information you have in advance, the better equipped
you will be to proceed to the next steps.

  • Note: contacting a Seller directly may bruise the listing
    Salesperson’s ego if he has the property listed, but there is no law against
    talking to a Seller without the Salesperson being present.

However you handle this, it is vital that a rapport is established between
Buyer and Seller in order to build personal trust!

You will find that most Sellers are quite open about their future plans,
especially as you are showing sincere interest in their property, and if you
are tactful, well groomed, and polite.

However, it must be said that if a Seller, (or Buyer) is unwilling to share
personal information with you, perhaps avoiding your questions about his
future plans, or insisting you deal only with his Sales rep, you may be better
off to resume your search for the ideal home, and Seller.

Please Note: While it is preferable to find a Seller who’s personal
circumstances lend themselves to a creative financing proposal, you can be
sure there is no lack of such Sellers regardless of market conditions.

Again, from the Buyer’s perspective for sake of our illustration, in the
course of your conversation with the Seller two (common) facts may be

(1) he is soon to be retired, with pension income, (and will not therefore be
totally dependent on cash coming out of the sale of property to support him)

(2) he is presently purchasing a motor home from current savings, and has
plans to travel extensively after he sells his property.

Again, it is no exaggeration to say this is a very typical scenario today!
It is also true that many other Seller’s circumstances will be compatible
to the creative financing proposal besides what is illustrated.

E.g. click on this link while connected to the internet for more
information on creative financing. or copy and paste this URL into your

continuing with the illustration:


Now that you have the necessary information about the Seller, we will
assume you discussed the pro’s and con’s of the property in question with
your family members. You have assessed all the basics such as desireability
of location; neighborhood amenities; such as employment, schools, shopping,
transportation; and physical layout and condition; all of which you have
determined to be agreeable to you and your family.

In addition, you have carefully calculated the very best cash down payment
you can muster is, say, $15,000. (provided you sell that second car, or the R.V. you only use
twice a year, and perhaps borrow something from parents, friends, or a

We will also assume that your present family income will allow a maximum
payment of, say, $775. per month, keeping in mind there will be annual
property taxes; insurance; and upkeep expenses associated with your home
ownership also.

Click on this link, or copy and past into your browser while connected to
the internet for some excellent financial assessment help:


Having cautiously determined you can secure a modest down payment of,
say, $15,000. and monthly payments of $775. what is needed now is a
clear understanding between you and the Seller, preferably in a written
draft-offer format.

In other words; simple, clear, communications is your next
essential step.

If a Realtor has the property listed, he or she will have to be involved in the
offer process. But first you need to rough out the idea yourself, in writing,
so there are no doubts in your mind how your offer will look when in final

You will only need to obtain legal assistance when you finalize the purchase
And based on my own considerable experience, a qualified Notary Public
is usually quite capable of providing all necessary legal protection for both
Buyer and Seller. More on this later.

To continue with our illustration; now that you have all the information in
hand, or in mind, your ready to take the next step and make the formal
written commitment, namely the ‘interim’ purchase offer.

Calling the Salesperson (or the Seller if he’s acting without a Salesperson),
you arrange a meeting to make an offer on the previously viewed property.
Most sales people will prefer an office environment to meet and discuss an
offer with you because they believe they will have more control over the
written offer. For that same reason I highly recommend you insist on
meeting in your own home, or some neutral location instead.

Unfortunately there are also a few eager-beaver Salespersons who may try
to browbeat a new buyer into terms that are unsatisfactory in order to please
the Seller. Therefore you must be firm!

So now your ready to write or dictate the following as per our illustration :
Here is a sample of an (abbreviated) offer to purchase according to our

I (your full name) of (address) on (date) in (City)
OFFER TO PURCHASE (Address) (legal description):
FOR THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE OF…………………….. $125,000.
WITH CASH DOWN PAYMENT OF…………………………… $15,000.
BALANCE OWING THEREAFTER………………………….. $110,00 0.

“The balance shall be payable directly by wrap-around contract to the Seller
in equal monthly payments of $777. per month including interest at 7 % per
annum, on a 25 year term.”

“Buyer also agrees to pay annual property taxes so long as he has exclusive possession of the property” etc.
Does it look too simple? Good, that is exactly what you want! Assuming
neither Buyer nor Seller are Philadelphia lawyers, simplicity is the prime
ingredient for all successful creative financing proposals! Please read on.

Above all, do not be intimidated, discouraged, or distracted, by any attempt
to cast doubts on your creative proposal. Many real estate people suffer
from an inflated opinion of their own importance in real estate negotiations,
and it must be remembered that nearly all sales commissions are paid by

As mentioned, its essential that buyers fully determine terms and conditions
before sitting down to formalize an offer to purchase. Remember; you are
the architect of your creative terms and conditions and so you must remain
in complete control of your offer at all times.

Whether or not a Salesperson is impressed by your offer, there is both a
legal and a moral obligation for him to present it to the Seller without bias,
no matter how he rates the chances of acceptance.

Of course the chances of Seller acceptance may be improved if the Sales rep
is onside with your offer, and most qualified Salespeople will, in fact, do
their best with any genuine offer they receive. So once again, maintain your

After dictating your written offer, for legal purposes, you will be required to
submit a money deposit of some kind. The amount is entirely optional, but
along with your written offer, it provides proof that you have full intentions
of forming a legal and binding agreement with the Seller.

E.g. a check for five hundred dollars payable to the real estate Agency in
trust, deposited upon acceptance of your offer, is usually quite acceptable
(even though Salespersons will often seek a larger security deposit).

The Salesperson must ensure the common address and legal description of
the property are properly referenced on your written offer. If there is no
salesperson involved, the Seller will usually be able to provide that
information from insurance papers or other documentation.

You may obtain Real Estate Offer to Purchase forms from many
stationary stores,


Once you have done your homework, and made your written offer, success
fully rests on the Seller’s viewpoint. In order for this to be an informed
viewpoint we will now consider this in some detail.

First of all, once accepted by the Seller, these offered terms will create an
entirely new and unique contract between Buyer and Seller alone. Of
course there is room for negotiation at this formative stage. For example the
Seller may wish to add a condition that all or part of the Wrap-around
financing amount becomes due and payable in full at some future date, say
in five years for instance, this is known as a ‘balloon payment’.

A balloon clause, simply places the Buyer under an obligation to refinance
the property, or perhaps locate a new lender, on a specified date.
This is a condition that the buyer must consider carefully since the
property could be repossessed, and returned to the seller, if the payment
is not met on that date. However in many cases it is a calculated risk
that a Buyer can live with, given the outlook for future increases in
property value, since he will have the option to sell and retain equity
build-up until that time.

In other words if the value of property continues to rise prior to the due date
for a balloon payment, the buyer will have more opportunities to renegotiate
financing, with or with out the Seller, at that time.

The balloon payment can be an important motivating concession to the
Seller, but each home Buyer must understand the risk/benefits before
agreeing to this condition.

As you can see there are opportunities on both sides to negotiate individual
terms and conditions while at the interim Offer to Purchase stage.

In our simple illustration, a creative wrap-around contract is customized and
tailored to suit you r financial situation, and the Sellers, on a home of your

The monthly payment will provide the Seller with an income of $350. per
month (net), because he will be obliged to continue making regular
payments on the existing mortgage, i.e. $ 775. less $425 . per month = $350.

Note: If real estate agents are involved, they may wish to write this in
as a condition in your written offer.

Seller’s must clearly understand that they will be required to continue
with payments on existing mortgage financing during the term of your
wrap-around agreement, with the option of paying it off at his discretion
according to the whatever terms it contains. So long as both parties
clearly understand that the existing mortgage financing will remain in
place until paid off, well and good!

(While the essence of this purchase method relates to a home and Seller
with an existing mortgage, certainly the general principle can be applied to
any direct-purchase/sales contract for real estate that is clear title, i.e. having
no loans outstanding. In that case the Seller would be the sole note holder,
or lender. However, as said, its the intention of this posting to explain the
wrap-around creative owner-financing technique.)

To review;

The Seller’s existing mortgage is a personal loan as well as a lien on the
property until fully paid off. Therefore your contract will simply wrap-
around that debt. His mortgage obligation precedes your contract with
him, and in that sense takes priority.

This is a powerful, creative, way for the Buyer and Seller to finance
the sale of property without having to qualify for either the existing loan,
or another first mortgage.

However, a sales agent, or the Seller, may want to add the conditional
clause: “on approval of credit” as a condition of your purchase offer.
If you accept this condition, the Seller will have the option of proceeding,
or withdrawing, from completion of the sale if the Buyer’s credit doesn’t
meet with his approval.

This is where the value of your initial contact with the Seller comes into full
view. If you have been honest and forthcoming with the Seller, building his
trust and confidence in you prior to presenting the offer, you may be able to
minimize the importance of a credit check regardless of your credit history
(or the lack of it) so that this condition will be waived by the Seller.

Even if the Seller, and/or his agent, insists on including the on approval of
credit condition, always remember that the decision as to whether he will
cooperate with your wrap-around contract proposal rests entirely with him
and no others!

At first glance the idea of a Wrap-around contract agreement may
not appear very appealing to the (uninformed) Seller, but closer
examination should convince him of several significant advantages,
such as the following;

1) To begin with, the Seller is not required to pay off his existing mortgage,
even if the existing mortgage contains a ‘due on sale’ clause, (more on this
issue later), since formal title to the property will remain in his name.
In fact the Seller may actually be thousands of dollars ahead as a result of
this feature alone. This is because there is usually a bonus of interest, or
discharge fee, (or both) when the mortgage is pre-paid before the due date.

2) The Seller will most certainly appreciate the full price being offered.
Assuming the full price is within the ball-park of market value for the
property, no attempt will be made to whittle on his price. Not only does
this give the Seller bragging rights with friends and family members that
he has obtained his asking price, but the Buyer clearly demonstrated good
will in his eyes also. This concession, in exchange for good terms for you,
will give the Buyer a strong edge with most Sellers since cash offers are
usually ‘low-ball’ offers.

An ‘all-cash’ buyer would most likely try to obtain a reduction from
the asking price, likely 10-15% or more!. In addition, with a cash sale, the Seller would be obliged to pay off his existing
mortgage, and quite likely pay a ‘bonus of interest penalty’, as mentioned.

3) Another thing the Seller should greatly appreciate is that, in you, he has
a ‘genuine’ Buyer, someone who is ready, willing and able to buy on specific
terms and conditions, right now! Your offer does not require third-party
approvals, such as a mortgage company. Again, this is usually much
preferred by a Seller, compared with waiting for another purchaser with
more cash to come along at some unknown future time.
Adding to that wait are the uncertainties created with other (non-cash)
Buyers who will likely have to obtain approval on a new mortgage

In sharp contrast, your private contract proposal creates no uncertainties
for the Seller. All terms and conditions are decided right at the time of
accepting the offer!

In addition, legal fees for drawing up the contract are at a minimum,
thereby eliminating fears of unexpected extra costs that frequently
crop up when third-parties are involved with a real estate transaction.

Note: real estate commission, if involved, is payable by the Seller but this is
also a negotiable item – and don’t allow a Salesperson to say that it isn’t!
Also, as per our illustration, since the Seller probably would have typically
reinvested any extra cash he might otherwise have received from sale of his
property in some type of interest bearing annuity, or the stock market.
Therefore he may be much better off with your agreement, both investment
and income tax wise. After all he knows the value of his own property and
may very well feel more secure having his money remain invested there,
rather than in some other unknown new investment vehicle.

4) Income tax considerations could be a very important benefit for the
Seller with this creative financing method, since he is not obtaining a
lump sum capital gain at the time of sale, therefore he should be
encouraged to seek an accountants advise about this.

To summarize;

Finding a willing seller as described in the foregoing example is by no
means unrealistic, in fact many Sellers will quickly realize that a creative
Wrap-around contract proposal can provide excellent financial advantages
and benefits for them.

Of course benefits to the Buyer are self-evident. Even though title does not
transfer until the wrap-around contract is eventually paid off, the Buyer will
have privacy of ownership; equity build-up; appreciation potential; and the
right to any income or other benefits derived from the property during the
term of the contract!


The $15, down payment in our illustration provides firm evidence
of Buyer commitment to make good on monthly payments. Remember this
is simply a suggested amount for purposes of our illustration only.
In fact there is no such thing as a minimum down payment requirement for
the creative Buyer. You may offer whatever cash down payment, or assets
in trade, you may have available, simply use your imagination!
The main point is that you must convince the prospective Seller of your
sincerity, not your liquidity.

As mentioned; if a Buyer were to default in his monthly payments, the
Seller may simply repossess the property – similar to, but even easier
than a mortgage company – resulting in the loss of down payment,
and subsequent monthly payments by the Buyer.

Court time and legal costs to repossess property are at a minimum for a
Seller in the event of repossession, because legal title to the property
remains in his name until the Wrap- around contract is eventually paid off.
While the Buyer has exclusive possession of the property, his ongoing
‘right-to-title’ is guaranteed as long as he continues to keep up
payments according to the terms of the wrap-around contract with
the Seller.

As an inducement for the Seller, it might
be stipulated that this condition will be coordinated with the Sellers
own mortgage payout terms, such as balloon payments he is permitted
or required to make in his mortgage. From the buyers point of view this
is a good clause to have in the event you were in a position to pay off
all or part of the contract through some unexpected cash windfall, or
even if you should decide to re-finance.

And with respect to refinancing; bear in mind it is far easier to
refinance a home in which you are the resident-purchaser than when
you are a newbie first-time home buyer. Indeed, your options are
significantly enhanced once you have obtained possession and
occupy the property!

As discussed, the Seller must maintain his payments to his prior mortgage
company. If he should fail to meet that obligation, the Buyer can assume
this role, making payment and then deducting the amount from your own

Whenever the contract is paid off in full, formal title to the property will be
registered in your name only. A Notary Public is well qualified to advise
you on legal details, it isn’t rocket science.

I will mention only one other legal issue that is commonly believed to
obstruct Wrap-around contracts, namely, the dreaded, ‘due on sale’ clause
which is frequently found in the underlying (original) mortgage document.
While this condition states that the entire balance remaining on the
mortgage becomes “immediately due and payable in full upon sale of
the property”, or words to that effect, do not let this overly concern you or
the Seller.

Happily this condition is not legally applicable in regards to the Wrap-
around contract. This is because the property ‘title’ is not being
transferred until your private wrap-around contract is fulfilled and
paid off. Until that time the title remains in the sellers name.

Therefore the ‘due on sale’ clause is really a non-issue, as experienced
Notary’s will advise you and the Seller. As said, the Wrap-around
financing contract is specially created between Buyer and Seller alone.
This means that, normally, unless an assumption clause is included in the
contract, (another option in my custom wrap-around form), re-sale of the
property prior to full payment, requires the written permission of the Seller.

With the assumption clause the Buyer has more control of his interest and
can re-sell at any time. Of course Buyers may sell their equity interest in
the property at any time with the Sellers approval. (In which case the
Seller would have the right to negotiate new contract terms with a
new Buyer.) Alternatively; a new Buyer could arrange a new mortgage
in order to pay you and the Seller off in full, i.e. to pay off your Wrap-
around purchase contract in full.

As you can see, there are many future possibilities pursuant to this
form of purchase contract, all of which adds to its practicality and

Its truly amazing how few people are aware of the opportunities creative
financing contracts can open up for them, such as the one illustrated in this
posting. And don’t forget about all those other great creative alternatives
for those who wish to really learn more about real estate investing. Search
the net for details.

Even experienced real estate agents are often poorly informed about such
practical and direct methods of selling property. Many seem to be mentally
handcuffed by mortgage lenders who frequently dictate difficult terms or
qualifications for both Buyers and Sellers. (Another contaminating issue is
that mortgage company’s often pay referral fees to real estate agents!)


The type of creative financing illustrated in this informational posting is
known as the Wrap-around purchase contract. It is variously described as
Agreement for Sale, Right to Purchase, Purchase Money Contract and
Turst Deed, Agreement for Deed, and all-inclusive Trust Deed; or some
other terminology depending on property jurisdiction (Country,
State, County, etc).

However, these legal terms need not, and should not, overly concern either
the Buyer or Seller provided you keep your preliminary (interim) agreement
simple, and in writing!

I cannot over-state that it is the Buyers main objective to lay out a specific
contract in straight-forward terms, leaving any required legal contract
terminology for an experienced Notary Public.

Whatever you do, please do not allow Salespersons, Lawyers, Relatives,
friends, or anyone else, intimidate or discourage you from pursuing creative
finance opportunities – such as a home of your choice.

Your response to criticism from agents might be: “Lets allow my Notary
to handle the legal details, just write the offer down as I outline it.”
For that purpose also it would be prudent for any Buyer to get to know an
informed Notary Public experienced in real estate matters, possibly
discussing a specific creative financing contract before actually presenting
a written offer. Doing so will definitely add to your effectiveness and
confidence when negotiating the terms of your Wrap-around offer.

Sellers might also be directed to the same Notary. As a matter of fact, since
Buyers are normally required to pay for the necessary legal work, that would
be quite appropriate.

Your legal fees will be at a minimum for drawing up this type of private
Agreement, less than even the cost of drawing up a new mortgage, and that usually involves a Lawyer.

Of course a Lawyer ‘could’ be employed to do a Wrap-around contract also,
but frankly, Lawyers are often more hindrance than help with this method.
In my opinion, they will raise unnecessary concerns for Sellers, and they
will definitely be more expensive.

Finally; Buyers should always carefully shop before choosing a home to
buy. They need to look for the home and Seller, best suited to their
creative financing proposal. There is no point in wasting valuable time
with a seller that is uninformed, ignorant, or inflexible in his thinking.
Besides think of the fun you will have in looking!

While creative financing ideas are limited only by the imagination, the
wrap-around purchase contract method illustrated in this informational
posting is one of the most practical, powerful, and useful, for home Buyers
and Seller’s alike.

I have personally used this ‘wrap ‘ method when conventional financing
methods were not available to me with good success. The Reader should
also know that there are many other types of creative contracts possible,
such as lease-options; private second and third mortgages; cross-
collateralization loans; lease-purchase contracts, and asset trades of all
kinds, to mention a few.

These are also often overlooked, yet powerful tools to home buying and real
estate investing. Using the Wrap-around method described will open up
unlimited opportunities for positive-thinking real estate entrepreneurs –
well proven by high-profile investors like ‘the Donald’.

There are plenty of willing real estate sellers (including corporations
large and small), who are eagerly waiting for a creative Buyer to approach
them with a positive, straightforward, honest, and confident, demeanor.
Yes you too can achieve the goal of real estate ownership on your own
good terms!

All the best in your future real estate endeavors. Remember it takes only a
little bit more effort than ‘clicking your heels with your eyes closed and
saying “there’s no place like home”.

  • end –

Legal stuff:
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the True Hero!   2 comments

the True Hero

Note: The following is a story based on real youth experience of the author.
Names, and story ending, are fictional. If you enjoy it please make a donation, thanks!
(copyright © 2002 all rights reserved)

No one remembered who had injected the ‘brain-wave’ into the usual excited chatter that noon hour… perhaps it was divine intervention.?
The day began normally enough. Terry’s customized English Morris Minor convertible squirted around the neighborhood picking up buddies. Their raucous 10 minute ride to school ended in a gravel-flying slide beside the shop teacher’s new Buick.
There was just enough time to jostle with the rest of the gang, while other students condemned world pollution. By the time the warning buzzer sounded a dozen cigarette butts lay crushed on school steps.
Classes dragged on even more than usual that morning. Dry school curriculum simply couldn’t compete with hypnotic shafts of autumn sunshine spotlighted pine desktops as it filtered down classroom aisles.
Acting like isolated prisoners, the youthful gang members only glimpsed each other between periods as they shuffled along crowded, green, locker lined halls to their next classes.
The student body was a multi-racial collage of shapes and sizes. Male recognition of passing friends resulted in heartily punched shoulders, while girls merely snickered and waved multi-ringed fingers.
As another long-awaited lunch hour reunion approached, final seconds were counted off. Finally the noon hour buzzer echoed through the neighborhood like amplified killer bees – it was a bugle call to freedom for the cafe crowd!

Exploding from school exits with miraculous renewed energy, some of the students foot-raced three full city blocks in order to claim scarce booth seats at the Roses’ café… (just outside school jurisdiction).
Time was of the essence, late comers and junior wanabees would be relegated to socially inferior counter stools.
A gray and grizzled waitress/owner braced herself as the first sweaty teenagers came charging in. Dusty venetian door blinds banged loudly against a steamy glass door. Moments later, all four plain wooden booths were filled…. only a few spaces were saved for less athletic but attractive females who would eventually make their entrance.
As brown-bagging students, like me, retrieved flattened peanut butter sandwiches from under shirts and sweaters, others competed for the harried waitresses’ attention by all shouting their orders at once.
Her body language quickly re-establish authority, with narrowed puffy eyes and flashes of nicotine stained teeth. The gang correctly interpreted this as the ‘cease and desist if you want to eat’ signal. It quieted them temporarily.
Brad Gawdin carefully timed his arrival to coincide with freshly delivered ‘tatter dogs and Pepsi’s to customers. His prized cherry red and chrome ex-police Harley skidded across boulevard and sidewalk, stopping just inches from the large greasy front window, (low on gas as usual).
Some of the gang acknowledged Brad with a subdued, but friendly, cheer as he made his grinning entrance, pleased to be re-united with his former school chums. Even a flicker of recognition from the scowling waitress’ didn’t go unnoticed. He quickly combed his lengthy black ‘duck tail’ hair while squeezing into the central booth.
Brad really hoped to forget his fruitless days of job hunting since quitting school at mid-term. For the moment, reconnecting by school friends, while mooching a few bites from their lunches, was comforting.
His lean semi-adult six-foot frame perfectly matched the prized Harley. He rode it with sublime confidence, hair flying up from under a vizard ‘Marlin Brando’ motorcycle cap. But away from his bike, a boy-man personality emerged with slouching posture, gaunt acne spotted cheeks; and deep dimpled chin.
His well-worn black leather jacket and sunglasses portrayed a motorcycle gang persona, but his friends knew him better.

“Good ‘old B.G.!” cried freckle faced Ron Andrews as self appointed spokesman.
Someone else chimed in;
“No books; no exams; no hassles; you’ve got it made Brad!!”
“Yeah, just call me Marlin, he said, slightly self- conscious of his noticeably deeper voice…

“Who’s got all the cig’s?”
Brad certainly wasn’t above taking advantage of the temporary adulation, besides, bumming cigarette’s served to temper the attention overload he was now feeling.
Soon a free-for-all conversation flowed quickly through familiar topics, including ‘schoolteacher dictatorships’; ‘bikes versus cars’; and of course ‘dating’. It was then that something truly unique came up…
Brad was expertly striking a huge wooden kitchen match with his thumbnail while maintaining a firm grip around Josey Scotts’ pink sweater with his left hand, as ever-grinning Gary Philips took advantage of a break in the general din of noise to ask;
“Hey, do you guys realize this is Halloween and no one’s got any plans yet?”
It was really only intended as a checkup, to make sure he wasn’t being left out of anything, but the immediate loud response surprised him.

“Yeah, that’s right!”
There was an immediate chorus of voices from all booths – each sex having a completely different agenda in mind.

“Last Halloween, me ‘n Bill laid a dummy on the Renfrew Street Hill and tied fishing line to it… we hid behind a bush”,
Gary continued between heavy bites on his tatter dog, while checking to see if he was getting sufficient attention.
“Along comes this guy in a pickup truck, screeching to a stop just before running over it.”
Gary began his very infectious chuckling…
“…so this old guy jumps out to check on the body, an’ just when he bends over to get a closer look, Bill yanks it across the street! The guy was so mad he chased us for two blocks!”
Rose cafe now exploded with unrestrained teenage cackling. The waitress could only shrug and sigh, conceding yet another noon hour without ‘legitimate’ paying customers.
Several more Halloween pranks were next recounted, some real and some imagined. Each sounded more daring than the last. Fiendish new pranks were quickly hatched with brain storming group input. Finally, as their fateful noon hour was running out, a proverbial fuse was lit…
“Hey Brad, why don’t you call the office and tell ’em there’s a bomb planted in the school, so we can all get the afternoon off!”

The source of the challenge was long debated afterwards. Now Unusual quiet suddenly fell over the cafe gang crowd, as if waiting for a mandatory response to a fight. Attention once again focused on Brad as his social instincts told him that ignoring the question might increase the growing distance with his former school peers. On the other hand he sensed an opportunity to improve his rebel image.
Brad took a deep drag on his unfiltered Player’s cigarette, dramatically allowing twin streams of thick blue smoke to flow, mouth to nose, allowing tension to build.
Then he said flatly;

“I would if I had a dime.”
A wry grin flickered at the corners of his mouth as he inwardly congratulated himself on his politically correct, non-committal, answer.
But before his attentive audience could even react, a shiny dime seemed to literally materialize right out of the smoke filled air and came spinning to a stop on the initial-carved table, right in front of Brad!
Regardless of the dime’s secret launch-site, it was More than enough reason for delighted teenage howls of laughter. It seemed to bring noon hour festivities to a natural conclusion.
In fact within minutes the whole conversation was mostly forgotten by the cafe gang. Reluctantly paying bills, they headed back to their ‘love to hate salt mines’ just in time for afternoon classes.
None had even noticed Brad scraping up the dime and stuffing it into his worn jeans’ watch pocket.
Some of his former school friends watched admiringly as Brad expertly kicked the Harley to life and roared away down the street in a cloud of smoke and dust.

It was just over one hour later as fourth period class neared the end, when the Principal’s personal secretary disrupted classes with an urgent public address summoning the principal to the main office.
Only one of the gang suspected what was coming.
But when their portly white haired Principal, himself, came on the p.a. and ordered immediate evacuation of all 2200 students – followed by nerve-jangling fire bells – many of the cafe gang began to suspect that good old B.G. had indeed answered his Halloween challenge!
Strictly controlled by teachers, students quickly filed out of the school complex. They lined up on sidewalks and school playing fields, looking like military recruits. Most believed it was just another fire drill. With no opportunity to retrieve coats, shivering students and teachers complained.
Minutes dragged by as only the cafe gang crowd realized what was afoot, and they dared not break their code of silence!
Finally, instructions were passed along outdoors: “school is closed for the rest of the day – students are dismissed”. Only teachers willing to volunteer for unspecified duties were allowed to re-enter the building at all.
Finally, any remaining doubts in the minds of the cafe gang disappeared as a police ‘bomb squad’ truck arrived, escorted by several police cars, sirens wailing!
Forty minutes later wide-eyed fellow teenage conspirators tried to burn off excess adrenaline by dancing to the beat of ‘blue suede shoes’. They had rendezvoused at their favorite after school hangout, latch-key Ron Brown’s musty basement rec room.
Now they anxiously awaited their hero.
When Brad did arrive, after cautiously phoning first to make sure it was safe, it was clear he too was surprised and a little shocked by the dramatic reception to his telephone call to the school office.
Joining his back-slapping friends, his fearless motorcycle hands now trembled slightly. Pleased as he was to receive accolades from his contemporaries for his bold telephone booth performance, small seeds of doubt nibbled at his conscience. Still it was another good excuse to collect more cigarettes from his admirers.
Some of the group actually shared his telephone conversation experience vicariously. Other’s now proudly suggested they had a role in dreaming up the idea at the cafe.
But somehow, both the originator of the idea, and the fateful contributor of the dime remained anonymous.
However, unknown to the gang, major events were unfolding even as they reveled in their imagined triumph over authority.
In fact memories were being deeply etched in the minds of school volunteers. Fearful, anxious, men and women, police and teachers, searched courageously through storage rooms; boiler rooms; classrooms; and student lockers.
And after finding the carefully wrapped package containing 13 sticks of dynamite, breathlessly defused by the bomb squad with its simple but deadly timer; none of them could possibly know that teenage school drop-out, Brad Gaudin, was, really, a ‘true hero’.
– the end –

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