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This blog is not intended to foster belief in menacing aliens from outer space as recently theorized by the noted cosmologist; Stephen Hawkings.

It is, however, intended to stimulate consideration of a surprisingly similar conspiracy!

The “lights went out in 1914” is a famous historical reference to the so-called ‘Great War’ of 1914-1918.

It well describes how a relatively stable human society quickly devolved into chaos, a condition that continues at an accelerated pace today!

Few people alive today actually saw the change take place, yet there is plenty of bona fide historical evidence to confirm a dramatic turn-around occurred at that time.

Little wonder there is support for the belief in subversive ‘alien’ visitors from outer space!

Indeed there has arguably been a cancerous decline in human affairs, especially in key areas of politics, economics, religion, and environment, so that fewer and fewer reasonable people express real optimism for the future?

Not many people disagree that even future human existence is threatened. This all beggars the need to ask a very serious question, namely;

What is it about the events of 1914, and thereafter, that has so crippled mankind, causing this steady downward spiral in human affairs?

Similarly; in spite of all human imperfections and mistakes, why is the common desire of mankind, reported to be underway prior to 1914, seemingly out of reach today?

The so-called ‘Great War’ was the first global conflict in history. It was marked by massive civilian deaths.

However what I am attempting to do here is to focus on an underlying cause, not only for that conflict, but for the ongoing and accelerating decline in human affairs since then.  That necessarily includes the second World War, which the ‘Great War’ was supposed to prevent!

If mankind possesses some ability to learn from mistakes, why haven’t things improved?

Instead, its commonly accepted that history repeats itself, not just regionally, but on a global scale. World population increases must magnify mistakes, but is it reasonable to conclude that human imperfection alone is the root cause of failure to achieve any global stability.?

After all, ‘Stability’ is the desire of the great majority of people everywhere. It surely isn’t rocket science, or mere idealism, that international stability is in everyone’s best interests. That’s a simple fact.

Therefore its my intention to propose an underlying cause of generations of human failures, particularly since 1914, one that is exclusive of population increases; history repeating itself; national power struggles; or any other common excuses offered for failures. It may be controversial, but it is also supported by compelling facts.

Looking at it objectively, there simply has to be something ‘external’ to mankind that is pushing humanity towards a destructive precipice while the very opposite is desired and sought after by the vast majority of law-abiding people.

Instead of achieving a degree of stability and progress, chaos and confusion tends to govern most human affairs today, I think you will agree.

Therefore its my assertion there is implicit evidence mankind is being manipulated and crippled by ‘malevolent external sources’, especially beginning in 1914.

I firmly believe that external sources are preventing humanity from making progress in the key areas of politics; economics; religion; and the environment. All these areas require leadership, and that is where this adverse influence is most evident!

As previously mentioned I do not believe these mysterious unidentified sources are ‘malevolent aliens from outer space’.

(Neither are there inner voices counseling me in this matter – other than logical reasoning I hope you will agree.)

I simply believe it is self-evident for all rational thinking people, given the facts, there has to be sinister forces undermining humanity, forces preventing progress toward the betterment of mankind in general.

If you contract a disease, symptoms reveal the adverse effects, a conflict between the ‘unseen cause’, and a decline of normal functionality of your body.

There is just such evidence, especially since 1914, of a very similar invasion taking place in human society!

Please suspend any initial skepticism you may have and continue reading with an open mind.

Inspite of notable gains in scientific knowledge since 1914, science knowledge has most often been applied to the detriment of mankind. Weapons of mass destruction; chemical and biological agents; genetic engineering, and many other harmful applications of science have had alarming effects on the global environment and on flesh and blood mankind in general.

Of course scientific knowledge in and of itself isn’t the culprit, but bad applications have caused enormous damage and ongoing consequences. Still, its unreasonable to conclude that advances in scientific knowledge is the cause of declining human relations.

So if the ‘root cause’ of declining human relations isn’t science, and neither is it solely our human imperfections, it must logically stem from a more subtle source or sources, like a disease that is adversely influencing human decisions, including our emotions and motivations.

Consider for a moment theories developed from the mathematics of ‘quantum mechanics’.

For years is has been regarded as the leading explanation for mysterious random physical properties that do not conform to well-established physical laws.

Is it possible that this branch of science may be inadvertently pointing us towards the hidden cause we are seeking?

Indeed, there have been discoveries made by this realm of science that offer clues.

Based on intensive studies in the ‘quantum world’, radical new theories have emerged, even speculation that quantum physics is cracking open a door to the existence of parallel universes, or multiple dimensions.

In fact the existence of particles, quarks and mesons for instance, entities with properties that literally defy the known physical laws of time and space have now been proven. In addition there is new evidence of mysterious ‘dark matter’ filling the vacuum of space.

All these things should raise our awareness that there are properties beyond the range of human senses.

Since mysterious entities with qualities that defy Newtonian and other physical laws of the universe have now been proven to exist, who can deny the possibility there are other, undiscovered but related, forces (or entities) which may also exist.?

The question can therefore be fairly asked; is it possible unknown ‘forces and/or entities*’ are negatively impacting on humanity?

In other words, could there be undetected entities related to the root cause of rapidly worsening world conditions? Please read on.

‘Cause and effect’ is basic to human reasoning. So by this means we can and we should be seeking explanations for the downward spiral in human affairs. As mentioned earlier, it is simply not reasonable to conclude that imperfect humans, all by ourselves, are the root cause of world-wide chaos and disaster. For all our human failings we are not so completely lacking in collective intelligence to do no better than take one step forward, followed by two steps backward, especially from 1914 down to today.

If you agree with me that all our continuous world problems could not be caused ‘solely’ by human mismanagement alone, then simple logic dictates mankind is quite possibly being manipulated by external forces or entities.

This implies living, intelligent, non-material creatures are involved no matter how improbable this may seem.

Can we find support for this theory outside of the complex world of science and math? Yes!

There is a completely separate line of reasoning that points to this very same conclusion! This may require suspending personal doubts and skepticism, as well as various religious interpretations, but by accepting certain passages at ‘face-value’, we find an amazing parallel in ancient Bible scriptures.

Physicists may be oblivious to any connections between science and Bible scriptures, but when we look to the Bible for similarities to quantum science, we can see a connection, and a startling description of unseen events!

As mentioned, current studies by means of quantum mechanics have already provided a sound basis for belief in mysterious ‘forces and/or entities’ which exist beyond our human senses. By comparing that information with Bible scriptures, lets see where it goes.

It’s been estimated that 75% of the Bible is devoted to ‘historical’ records, with the remainder being primarily made up of ‘prophecies’ pertaining to Jesus Christ.

Though frequently challenged, the historical portions have proven to be amazingly accurate. While no guarantee, such remarkable historical accuracy certainly adds to the credibility of the prophetic portions also. Passages such as the description of Jesus having existed in a non-material world, before, and after, he lived on the earth.

According to scripture, while he existed in that other plane of existence, Jesus retained the title of ‘Archangel’, meaning the chief or principal one presiding over ‘myriads’ of others of his kind. In other words his rule extends over multi-millions of other ‘spirit entities’.

Since the focus of this article is to identify the ’cause from the effect’ of human ongoing failures, particularly beginning with the ‘great war’ of 1914, how does the existence of millions of spirit entities relate to this matter?

Scriptures from the book of Revelation describe a war taking place in the spirit realm of existence, (undetectable by human senses). In a place our minds can perhaps envision, but where no physical body can exist.

Could this war have some parallel relationship to the so-called ‘Great War’ of 1914-1918?

Could it be that there was a parallel ‘Spirit-War’ in the invisible Universe, as prophesied to take place at a very precise point in time and clearly described in the book of Revelation that took place at precisely the same time!! **.

As described in scripture, it resulted in a large number of spirit entities, (a.k.a. former angels), being ‘cast down to the vicinity of the earth’, the result of rebellion against Godly authority. And note the tragic consequence for earth; ‘Woe for the earth and sea because the devil has come down to you having great anger’, along with all those ones who followed him in rebellion against God.

Here then is where science and scripture may actually come together, a root cause for ongoing deterioration of human affairs especially from the pivotal date of 1914 and continuing down to our present day.

Scriptures are unequivocal that these downed ‘angels’ would create a major handicap for mankind, no doubt by exaggerating, and exploiting, human imperfections.

External forces, yes intelligent spirit creatures, are clearly identified as the culprits who negate honest attempts toward human betterment!

That scriptural description of intelligent ‘forces and/entities’, undetectable by human senses, strongly indicates they exist in what may be described as ‘another dimension’.

This also tends to fit the description of that which is theorized by present day science, namely, a place that is related to, but not conforming with, our material world. A world of existence that is in the ‘vicinity of the earth’ but undetectable by modern science.

The fact is there is simply no denying that the earth has suffered serious ‘woes’, particularly since 1914.

According to a plain reading of scripture, those forces and/or entities have now been relegated to the vicinity of the earth by the Creator of all life.

Consider the scriptural description, ‘vicinity of the earth’, does it not strongly suggest a close connection to our ‘material world’ and yet somehow ‘extraneous’ to it?

My suggestion therefore is that this description somewhat reflects scientific discoveries and theories about related worlds with properties that do not conform to our known physical world.

Of course a direct connection between these two lines of reasoning, science and scripture, is not conclusive, but science fact, and theory, does tend to support the scriptural account. Indeed, science adds credibility to scriptures, and scriptures to science.

Hard scientific evidence for this theory may not exist. However worlds, or dimensions, beyond our material world can now be visualized, and are therefore much closer to becoming scientifically verified!

Circumstantial evidence of their existence fits the analogy; ‘if it walks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck, most likely it IS a duck’.

Bible scriptures describe malevolent ‘downed angels’ or spirit beings as the cause of ‘woes to the earth’ by seeking to undermine and destroy mankind, and they do so by ‘misleading the nations’. It is not my purpose here to discuss their motivations for doing so. However if you are motivated to discuss this further I will certainly try to assist you if you make a comment.

Is this not the ‘smoking gun’ explanation we are seek? Namely the root cause of mankind’s apparent ‘fatal handicap’.?***

Clearly all well-meaning attempts to uplift and harmonize mankind have consistently been thwarted especially since the pivotal year 1914.

Therefore it seems entirely plausible that year also conforms to the time of war in the heavenly realm described so clearly in scripture!

To summarize; there exists theoretical, factual, and circumstantial, scientific proof, also supported by plain-speaking Bible scriptures, that non-material entities are reeking havoc on humanity by influencing decisions, emotions, and motives of mankind, particularly world leaders, especially since 1914.

Truly ‘the lights went out in 1914’!

* ‘Entities’ are defined as things that have a distinct, separate existence, though they need not be a material existence.

** References: see Bible book Revelation chapter 12 verse 9 and 12; and chapter 13 verse 14.

*** Reference: Bible book of Jude verse 6.


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