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‘Ode to the tree’

So proud and complete the magnificent tree,

with dauntless resolve to remain truly free.

Directed, strengthened, creations sure dye,

reaching and spreading to mature in the sky.

Like thoughtful mankind, you search for pure light,

bound to the earth, your leaves take to flight.

Majestic, serene… though ever unseeing,

over all man and beast, yet having no being.

When comes the time, from past up to date,

yes on us all, will soon be this fate;

to find a place ‘neath your shadow to rest,

and thereby return to those living blest,

the greatest of gifts so pure and profound

life without judgment, true peace will abound.


May we never forget to give our affection,

to the one who sought to give us direction.

How easy to see that certain connection

‘tween gentle love and sterner correction,

when the delicate balance between these two,

has been struck so nicely, as it was by you.

While times may change and certainties dwindle,

there’ll be no less of the hopes you kindled.

T’ward the seed of your husband as his dear wife,

you gave loving devotion, a summer of life.

So accept this thanks for being my Mum,

I’ll always remain your loving third son.


(re: St. Lawrence seaway 1960’s)

Rolling hills so green and shadowy,

completely untouched by human insanity.

Rounded with headlands so gallant and blue,

smooth sides glide down to seas green hue.

Nations and culture, unknown and uncaring,

who can dismiss your bounty and bearing.?

No bias reflected, not crude or indignant,

yes beauty for all, from wise to ignorant.

Search your heart through, strive for knowing,

those hills of beauty, insights bestowing,

to all who seek it, gain a deeper conception,

God’s great plan needing human reception.

a black woman in Halifax

Poor little dark woman so humble and worn

like a shriveled fall leaf, shredded and torn,

you have no direction, care not why your born,

to exist only for now… yes loveless, forlorn.


O’ ancient man, yet a man flesh and blood,

your grave opened up deep down in the mud.

Search for mercy and help from your patrons,

questions unanswered, filled with vexations.

Torture and trial, without wisdom or knowing,

t’was the burden of proof God was bestowing,

tested by Satan, revealed to mankind,

a symbol for all, this justice, not blind.

Frailties of life, near death, Job recounted,

God’s good purpose through him came unbounded.

True faith and devotion like a crown can be worn,

by those who remember, while crushed and forlorn.

Integrity, endurance, proved Job his Creator,

how sweet the reward for righteous behavior.


To Jehovah’s good name and Kingdom we’re drawn,

in his perfect light who will do wrong?

Living for now, content for the day,

violence and hatred, never our way.

Keeping up hope, preserved through all trials,

searching out meek ones, always a smile.

Soon comes the time for all human life,

acknowledge his Godship; the end of all strife.

Then they will see, that Judge on his throne,

has taken his power, t’wards mankind alone,

to cleanse this good earth; his beauty footstool,

assuring forever Christ’s faithful ones rule.

Falling on my roof, an old friend
comforted I listen in a warm bed
its steady patter reassures me
life will continue no matter the times
serving our needs, always faithfully
nurturing and granting renewal to all.


Posted January 27, 2012 by New2view in Environment, humanity, life, philosophy

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  1. hello! i wanted to thank you for this great read!! i am definitely enjoying every little bit of it i have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

  2. Thanks for posting this.. It’s been a pleasure to read 🙂

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