Close encounter of the Pedophile kind!   1 comment


There is much discussion these days of ‘pedophilia’, for the very good reason that it has become a malignant boil on society in general. 

I won’t try to list the underlying reasons why this has developed into a full-blown world-wide trend, right along with homosexuality.

My purpose is to just provide an object lesson for youth’s today, with my own experience;  a ‘close encounter’ with a sexual predator that took place years ago.

I was an early teenager, 14 or 15 at the time, frustrated and angry with parents for one reason or another as most teens experience.

I decided to hitch-hike, on my own, to wherever it led me that night.  Of course hitch-hiking was far more commonplace and seemed much less dangerous in the ‘50’s.  

So there I was standing on the curb at Kingsway and Slocan Streets in Vancouver, just after sunset, with my thumb stuck out.

It didn’t take very long before a big sedan pulled over, the driver opening the passenger door for me.  But within seconds after hopping in, a sudden cold fear gripped me.

Without saying anything, the driver  immediately turned off at the very next corner into the Slocan park parking area!

Even as the car was braking hard I sensed the need to bail out, and grabbed the door handle.  The driver realized this, and he reached over and grabbed me by my left leg.  The car had not quite come to a sliding stop yet so he still had to keep his other hand on the steering wheel.  I opened the door and lunged, using all my body weight to pull away from his strong grip. With every bit of strength I could muster I was barely able to yank my leg out of his grasp, than I ran for my life!  

With wheels spinning he threw his car into reverse backing out of the parking area onto the road, then screeched away back up to Kingsway again to my great relief.  Evidently he thought better of chasing me down, as I headed across the street to houses facing the park rather than out into the park itself.

That was a frightening lesson in life I’ve never forgotten, and I hope if you are a young person reading this you will take heed!!


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