The word is out, yes, the GNP (Gross National Product) is not just the key to the success of a country’s National Sovereignty but, wait for it… Life Itself!

How ridiculous is that statement?  Do you really think, as the Nations insist, that GNP is fundamental to  life and happiness?  This is the false doctrine Nations have promoted and glorified since time immemorial.

The ancient Nation of Israel was an example.  They turned to just such a form of idolatry thousands of years ago and it resulted in their being rejected by God.  Idolatry?  Yes!

They gradually adopted and endorsed the goals and purposes of their materialistic neighbors, even worshipping ‘baal’ gods in hopes of improved crops and production, ultimately being willing to sacrifice their children for imagined benefits! Did this include ‘military action’?  Of course it did!!

in other words they became totally  focused and driven by material welfare, while rejecting Godly principles.

It is a form of idolatry to put the material well-being and National interest ‘ahead’ of ethics and principled  behavior? Absolutely!  So when the primary focus of the Nations is the GNP, that is a form of idolatry, pure and simple.  What are the consequences of this focus?

We only need to see the state the world today t0 forecast the future.  To say it is ‘adrift’ is to put it mildly.  The primary focus of the Nations is, as mentioned, material productivity and goals.  The very concept of morality and Godly principles is a faded concept, if at all, much less implemented.

Yet when we examine the history of the Nation of Israel, again as a prime example, we see extended periods when they actually did endorse and pursue those higher God-given goals, resulting in incomparable benefits!

The ‘missing link’ in man today is his spiritual development, not a mythical jump from the lower animal kingdom via a theory of evolution.

Those who earnestly seek the ‘narrow path’ (Matthew 7:14) of life according to God-given principles can actually make ‘real’ progress now.


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