God Hates ‘A Divorcing’… Why??   Leave a comment


Hatred is perhaps the strongest of all human emotions, except for love.  And since there is no doubt among those who truly trust holy scriptures that we are God’s ‘progeny’, we therefore deeply share such emotions with our heavenly Father.  Here then lies a clue for us as to why God personally ‘hates’ divorcing.

As with so many others, I’ve often regretted my own ‘divorcing’, which took place after a long, and mostly normal, marriage. 

When you have such lingering regrets, supplemented by subsequent life experience, the sub-conscious mind may well produce near feature-length movies when you dream in an attempt to clarify matters – and that was the way this thought came to me. 

I’ll spare you the details of my dreams, except to try to explain the resulting epiphany, (defined as:  a sudden realization about the nature or meaning of something).

To continue; there is no doubt for those who truly believe that holy scripture is ‘inspired of God’ that we humans are ‘created in His image’, both males and females.

This then is another clue as to why God hates ‘unscriptural’ (i.e. non-immorality based) divorcing, as stated by his inspired writer Malachi (2:16). 

A reading of God’s feelings about his own earthly bride, namely the nation of Israel, (Jer. 3:14),  is a second very strong clue.  When that nation abandoned him, it was tantamount to a divorcing action, literally ‘a sending away’.

His condemnation of that Nation for (spiritually) divorcing him is another strong clue.

To come to the point directly then, God’s feelings are justifiably hurt, very deeply hurt, by divorcing. 

Can us divorces’ relate to this?  I dare say we can very much relate to God’s own feelings!

Indeed, as we are his progeny, created in his own image, (spiritually speaking), its very clear that it is the ‘disloyalty’ of those who initiate and/or cooperate in an unscriptural-based divorce that is at the very heart of God’s hatred for it!

That said, by no means is this the only reason for God’s hatred of divorcing.  Injustice; treachery; and sinning against God, (because he initiated this permanent partnership arrangement), are extremely valid reasons for his hatred of it also. 

However, after many years, I’m convinced the act of ‘disloyalty’ on the part of marriage mates that generates the greatest emotional response, namely actual ‘hatred’, from the Creator of mankind, just as it does in mankind.  God has clearly shown this emotion when the nation of Israel rejected him as their husbandly owner.

Thus our own natural human emotional response to divorce not only confirms we are ‘his progeny’, but also helps explain why ‘God hates a divorcing’.  (Acts 17:28)


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