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Occasionally a ‘letter to the Editor’ is worth saving.  I clipped one out of the local paper some time ago, and after re-reading it today I’d like to share it with any visitors to my blog, so here it is…

(Written in response to a previous letter writer…)

“Mr. N. is entitled to his opinion in attacking Christianity and espousing education as the remedy for out problems, but I’m afraid education has not had a good track record either.

His censure of religion puzzles me.  Since he believes in evolution, he believes complexity emerges from chaos.  Evolution is a kind of all-wise force that always makes the right choices.  Since religion, or some form of spiritual awareness exists in every known culture, it must have evolved.  Since it evolved, it must be good, so he should consider

By the way, since germs and viruses also evolved, we should not be killing them.  In fact, they may be evolutionary strategies to get rid of man.  And why not?  If we are mere lumps of randomly arranged matter, who cares?  In fact, we should also encourage war, since people have always fought each other, it must be good since it evolved.  Or are these the first errors evolution has made? 

The best and most recent example of society without religion was Soviet Russia.  The concept was that if religion were eradicated, society would blossom into peace, freedom, and harmony.  Education was to be the tool to bring about Utopia.  The exact opposite occurred.

Science is not the answer either; from science we have nuclear bombs and weapons and pollution.

Its no use blaming God; we have expelled Him from out country, our lives and our affairs, so He certainly is not to blame for the mess we’re in.

The problem is not religion, it is sin – rebellion against God.  When I was a boy, there was a recognition of the need for a moral base.  There was Bible reading and prayer in schools.  It’s a much worse world now.”  (W. Bresch)

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