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Don’t want to mislead anyone by this title.  The purpose is a commentary on pets and their vulnerability to coyote’s.

I have lots of coyote’s near my home, seldom seen, more often heard.  When I make the rounds of nearby 30 acres, I often see evidence of their hunting and scat (droppings).

Occasionally I surprise them, and they will sometimes study me with their piercing eyes, standing motionless, then quickly melt into tall grass or whatever cover is nearest.

People are commonly seen walking their pet dogs in the neighborhood.  Some even drive to the area I live in to take their pets for a walk.

What interests me is that the coyotes have no owner or shepherd to care for them, and they can and do prey on those human pets whenever possible, usually at night.  And this always tends to make them described as somehow ‘evil’ in the eyes of pet owners.

I would like to say that I don’t regard them in that way whatsoever.  They follow their God-given instincts to provide for themselves and their cubs with no help from pet-owning humans or anyone else.  No doubt shrews and rabbits are a mainstay of their diet in my area, since there are countless numbers of them.  They leave no waste behind, save an occasional blood stain!

Their plaintiff cry’s and independent nature can reach my heart.  Unlike pet dog howls, usually just complaining about being neglected, and rightly so, Coyote’s on the other hand are socializing in their own unique way with each other.

As solitary as they are, they have close nit families, and often cry out together.  It may be instigated by a distant police siren, or some other unknown signal.  We can only wonder, but suddenly, day or night, they may all begin to cry out together, an orchestrated yelping.  And then, just as unexpectedly, it abruptly stops.  Perhaps a full moon can trigger it, who can say?  I just feel they are misjudged and unappreciated, much as many people are.  All part of  earth’s marvelous creations.


Posted July 9, 2012 by New2view in earth, Environment, life

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