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Previously I described a case of a very close encounter of sexual abuse.  In fact I had another teenage experience that was perhaps even closer to disaster.

As a distraught teen I had hitch-hiked from Vancouver to (if I remember correctly) Trail, B.C.  I was attempting to sleep on a wooden bench seat in the  bus station when approached by a man who said he would help me.  This was in the ‘50’s.  I was very innocent and easily accepted his offer.

He drove me to his cabin or shack, and gave me the keys to it, saying to use the food there and  that he had to go to work but would return later.  I was grateful and although the unit was in complete disarray, spoiled food on the table etc., I found some peanut butter and bread to eat and soon fell asleep.

When I awoke I was uneasy that the occupant wasn’t on the up and up, so, with urgency, I decided to get on the road and hitchhike further North before he returned.  I don’t know how long I was asleep in his cabin, perhaps only a couple of hours.  He said he had to go to work, and would return later.  Possibly  he was a mine worker.  Of course he may very well  have been a serial  killer for all I know. 

The next night I slept in a (seemingly) abandoned truck in Golden, B.C. and nearly froze, so asked the hotel manager if I could sit in the front lobby for awhile.  The next day, after attempting to find a job, but without success, I decided to head back home.

It was after dark as I stood on the highway close to freezing when a car full of at least five first-nations men stopped, and I gratefully crammed in.  In complete silence they drove all the way to Vancouver.  I will always be thankful to them.  It was another experience along the path of my humble existence.    


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