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I’d like to address an issue that I believe has confused many of us, namely; ‘does the well-proven age of dinosaur’s support the theory of evolution?’

If this issue hasn’t confused you, good for you!  However, as a result of colorful media, e.g. ‘planet of the apes’ etc. there may very well be a large percentage of the population who are, at the least, confused about this matter.

If that is the case with you, please allow me to shed some light on this subject.  First of all, the age of the dino’s is certainly a well-proven fact.  A great many fossils present a fascinating picture of what a great variety of these creatures, large and small, may have looked like, even if much of that evidence has led to controversies as to their appearance, form, or functions, such as whether they were predators, grazers, or whatever.

And yet as interesting as they are, and their past existence indisputable, interestingly, no one can  point to any ‘transitional’ creatures prior-to their existence  among the fossil record either.  What do I mean by that?

Very simply put, there is no evidence of ‘evolving, mutating, or experimental’ creatures, in other words creatures that were ‘dead-ends’. as would most certainly have to be the case if a blind evolutionary process was responsible for bringing them into existence over millenniums of time!

In fact, just as we see separate and distinct ‘kinds’ of living creatures today, such as mammals; birds; fish; and insects; all of which appear ‘suddenly’ in terms of the fossil records, the very same was true of the dinosaurs.

Just as with the dinosaur age, there remains not just one ‘missing-link’ but virtually millions of ‘missing-links’ that would have to have occurred in order to support the idea of evolution.  In short the evidence of that kind of process is completely absent.

But I digress from the point of this blog, so allow me to specify it; not only does the existence of dinosaur’s ‘in no way’ support the wholly un-scientific theory of evolution, neither does it support the idea of simultaneous existence of ‘modern man’ – no matter how stretched and fractured that theory has become since Chuck Darwin introduced it.

The distinct and well-defined Dinosaur Age is dated as having occurred literally millions of years, now estimated at the earliest to be about 60 million years, ‘before’ the very sudden appearance of so-called ‘modern man’.  Of that there is little or no dispute at all.

This means there has never been, and never can be, any genuine connection  between the dinosaur age and humankind, no matter how much that idea has been imagined. 

That gap simply cannot be filled by the fossil record or by any other means, Its just that simple.

To summarize; there is simply no support for a connection between dinosaurs and mankind by evolution or otherwise.  While there is no denying the reasons ‘why’ dinosaurs were created has yet to be understood, the answer may actually be more obvious than not when you consider the vast beneficial resources of planet earth for use by mankind their remnant have provided.

One thing is for sure; the appearance of both dinosaurs, and ‘modern’ man, was very purposeful, even though well separated in time, in other words neither of these events were accidental!

Its my hope this post might at least assuage the mythical ideas presented for public consumption by the entertainment media, such as ‘cave-men’ and such  like.


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