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The recent ‘curiosity’ probe is already being used to justify appeals for even greater exploration of Mars.

Personally, I’ve always been excited about exploring beyond earth, in spite of the more mature realization that the earth itself has not even begun to be explored, especially oceanic life forms.

However ever-expanding searches based on purely speculative ideas that arise from the curiosity probe must be offset by a reality check.  E.g. what does the ‘environment’ for life, vs. the ‘absence’ of organic molecules fundamental to life really say?

Even if the ‘building blocks’ of life were discovered, as unlikely as that is, there are no signs of ‘actual’ life, past or present, should that not lead us to a very obvious logical conclusion?

That conclusion is this; the earth, with all its diverse and abundant life forms, is truly a unique and intelligent creation by an unfathomably wise and loving Creator!

There is simply no other reasonable deduction based on all facts available. Speculation and imagination notwithstanding, this is simply a matter of accepting reality.  Are we so lacking in basic humility that we ‘cannot see the woods for the trees’? All observable evidence right up to date points to this one truth; we humans are part of a very unique intelligent creation along with all the other amazing life-forms on earth.

Therefore how much better it would be to focus on discerning ‘the plan’, or ‘reasons’ for this wondrous creation, instead of the terribly wasteful and unproductive continuous search for imaginary, wholly unintelligent origins of life!

Dec.2nd update:

The latest report from NASA indicates “earthly contamination” may be compromising Curiositys test results… yikes!  Zillions of dollars, enormous time and effort, and some test results will be controversial if not invalidated!?


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