To Kill a Rat   Leave a comment

Recently I was perplexed by a rat.  Every time I went into my outdoor shed it scrambled for cover, as though I was intruding.  Apparently it had made a home under the floor boards. and was regularly feeding on a bag of grass seed I had stored in the shed.

Now most people may not have any compunctions about killing a rat,  but I do.  Yet it seemed to be necessary because of its, shall we say, droppings? 

Since I didn’t have a large rat trap, I reluctantly opted for poison in the form of small green blocks.  It was formulated so that rats could not resist it, and that proved to be true.  Over several days I put these blocks where it was obvious the creature had been, and they very quickly disappeared.

According to direction, that would create a blood-thinning condition to the point of death in about 4 days.  How can anyone feel good about that, rat or no rat?

The problem with rats is they apparently have little or no control over their bowels (?), and, like mice, they leave excretions everywhere they go.  Even worse, according to my experienced farmer neighbor, they urinate constantly.  Why is that? 

Regardless of these seemingly inexcusable traits, its my belief that all living creatures have been created by a loving God for a purpose.  True; that purpose may elude us at present, or, its also very possible that we humans have created conditions that were never intended by our Creator and therefore cause conflicts with many other creatures we share this planet with.

For example, did God intend that we live in cities?  No!  In fact according to the Bible when men first established a city and proceeded to build a tower, God saw fit to thwart that effort and multiply human languages.

You may say; ‘well since then God must have decided to allow people to live in cities’.   But did you know that its only in recent days that total  human population is more than 50% in cities? What does that suggest as to our Creators point of view and his intentions?

In any case, its hard to feel compassionate for rats, most people regard them as pests.  Yet I was in an electronics supply store last year and a man came in with a rat on his shoulder as if it was the most normal condition. The rat looked very content, unflinching as his patron went about his business.  In fact they say they are very intelligent creatures.  Perhaps that is why I feel some compassion and regret that I poisoned one or two  of them.


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