Complexity and Beauty of Life on Earth   Leave a comment

I’ve touched on this subject before but am compelled to add to it because of ongoing observations.  As a senior citizen, I feel very blessed to have been able to observe some of nature throughout many years now, without being a back-woods hermit.

Though I cannot claim to have been on African Safari’s, or an explorer in deep sea quests, yet from my viewpoint and experience it is utterly obvious that we have only begun to appreciate the complexity and diversity of life on planet earth.

That complexity and diversity speaks volumes to me.  It says that there is a power and intelligence far beyond human capability, yet still within our capacity to appreciate…  if we are humble enough.

Humility is sadly lacking in most of humankind.  We prefer to theorize that somehow, by sheer accidental means we have developed into the ultimate life-form on earth.  Even worse, that we are capable of managing our own affairs, and even all the other life-forms of the earth wisely.

This assumption, supported by never-ending, conflicting and unsupported fanciful theories strikes me as the greatest weakness of our kind, otherwise known as absolute arrogance.

Countless generations of mankind has proven beyond a doubt we desperately need superior guidance to manage our own affairs and also to care for all other life on earth, much less the environment.  This unique and beautiful planet was never intended to be managed by us in isolation from its designer and builder.  Isn’t it about time we acknowledged that simple truth?


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