Who Is Genuinely Qualified to Govern?   Leave a comment

Heard a good talk today on this subject.  It compared resume’s of Rulers.

First, the bad news; human governments and rulers have demonstrated impotence in solving global issues, including climate change, economic equality, health and welfare in general.

In fact there is little doubt the world’s population in general is more and more discontent with appointed or elected rulers as can be seen on your nightly news cast.  Try as they may, they simply do not have the answers for world problems.

The good news is this; there was a man on earth in the first century BC who demonstrated he ‘did’ have the resume’ to resolve and accomplish the best aspirations of mankind, namely, to bring peace, security, and economic equality to all who followed him.  Not only that, but he also demonstrated his willingness and capability to bring an end to human imperfection and death!

What a great resume’ he has shown us by his stellar example of humility and Godly power!  Indeed there is no competitor that could possibly rival this heaven-sent person, Christ Jesus.


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