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Fleeting structures designed for the sky
Surely their maker with an Artists eye
Shrinking and growing, ever changing form
Like thoughts of mankind, each new is born
Eagles have insight whíle sharing His pallet
A ballet of flight, the heavens their stage
With clouds as curtains a dance unafraid
The Artists brush, ever changing venue
Grateful observers now give him just due!

Wondrous it would be an angel sent to thee
heavens insight so close and so direct to see!
New found emotions would cause you to fear
ignorance has fled, evolution no more to hear.
Existence, love, humilty, three come to bear
give God due glory, and obtain his loving care.


Falling on my roof, a very old friend
I listen in a warm bed, comforted
its steady patter reassuring to me
life will continue no matter what said,
serving all needs its faithful endeavor
nurturing, refreshing, renewing forever.


As the days and weeks and months fly by
sorrows and pain may cause us to cry.
Time to count blessings money can’t buy.

Seek no forgiveness from those who maintain
A righteous self-image the true God disdain’s.
Seeking approval in the human domain
delivers yourself to negative pain.
When real life begins, problems cast aside,
All hurts then ended, soon all will abide.



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