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Another Day, Another Imminent Extinction   Leave a comment

Yesterday’s news item;

‘a great many birds are facing extinction in Canada.’

So what else is new?  The very fabric of this planet, its ecological system’s, and the natural habitat of animals and birds has been progressively undermined, ignored, or even fatally abused… for centuries by who else but us humans!

Arguably the so-called ‘industrial revolution’ which was supposed to deliver a life of ease to mankind; has instead been more responsible for bringing destruction to this beautiful planet, even threatening all life upon it.

Of course for the wealthy few and powerful it has indeed meant apparent ‘life of ease’, but definitely not true satisfaction, happiness, or contentment.  And for most of the remaining 99% or so of the world’s population what has it brought?

‘The answer my friends is written on the wind’, as the song well says.  Who can honestly say that industry and technology have truly improved the quality of life for the majority of earth’s populations today.?  In fact the very opposite is true!

How ironic and sad that what was generously provided for mankind’s benefit and enjoyment by his loving Benefactor has been contaminated, misused, and all but destroyed by the recipients!

Isn’t it time to honestly take stock of our true condition and make amends with our Creator?!


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Extreme Weather Events Increasing   Leave a comment

Ok so I’m no so-called environmental scientist, just a guy who doesn’t have his head in the ground.  Actually the majority of environmental scientists are evidently in agreement that extreme weather events are in fact increasing, so I have no quarrel with them whatsoever.

So why are governments and officials of all stripes, with very few exceptions,  ignoring this issue?!  Surely the threat to human lives should be a priority for all leaders today.  But no, what we see is a consistent, unrelenting, focus on financial matters the world over!  How very bizarre is that??

Talk about ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burns’ syndrome, but indeed that is the attitude that prevails throughout the history of mankind.  Leaders the world over are ‘in denial’, primarily pushing financial agenda’s, be they good or bad.

The pro’s and con’s of so-called global warming isn’t really the issue. The issue is what can be done to mitigate and protect mankind from extreme weather conditions that are steadily increasing and impacting virtually every nation on earth.  Surely there is enough evidence of this to make it a real priority?

Isn’t it time for good people everywhere to wake up and take seriously environmental disasters that are increasingly occurring planet-wide?