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Gravitational Waves   Leave a comment

The minute detection (much less than a single atom) of so-called gravitational waves is, frankly, a simple distraction from the reality of present world conditions. We are nearing a turning point in the history of mankind predicted by the Bible. To know the future it is necessary to study holy scriptures. Please do that while it is still possible at ‘’

“The Muddle in the Middle”   Leave a comment

I try really hard to suppress an outright laugh when reports like this are treated as scientific fact!

By their very own admission, ‘evil-lution’ is truly “a muddle”!  In other words it is not even close to being factual.

The BBC report on the news tonight (Dec. 3rd 2013) states ‘there is no way to connect million-year old man with modern man by comparing skull bones’ etc.  But now they expect to be able to do so by comparing the DNA from some cave bones. 

What utter and complete nonsense is this frustrated grasping at straws to validate a theory that for about 100 years has been absolutely ‘invalidated’ scientifically.

Of course the real reason for this desperate ongoing fruitless search is very obvious; there is no way that arrogant men of learning can come to grips with the plain truth, namely mankind is the product of the most intelligent, glorious, all-powerful, and generous Creator as clearly set out in His own inspired Word, the Bible.  Every science ‘fact’ supports this conclusion!

What’s more he has generously provided the way out of human chaos all the way back to human perfection.  But now we are reaching the very limit of his extreme patience with us… just as occurred in the days of Noah… please read Luke 17:26-30.

Explorer space craft exits Solar System   Leave a comment

Exciting news! The first man-made object exists the Solar System… but why so?

Credit is due for scientists and engineers who built and guided the Explorer on its historic journey to the stars.  

In fact they have provided ever greater evidence of our human insignificance in relation to the vastness of the Universe.

Indeed this event should help us to truly  ‘see ourselves’ in relation to the vast universe in which we are blessed to exist!

But the question is; are we willing to humble ourselves enough to appreciate this obvious fact!?

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Another Example of the ‘Piltdown Man’ Hoax   Leave a comment

They find a mere fragment of bone and declare it a multi-thousand year tool of some unproven, unsupported, theoretical pre-human existence, and then blatantly exclaim it as proof of ‘evolution’..?  How truly bizarre is this illogical approach to the ‘scientific method’!

In case you never heard of the ‘Piltdown Man’ Hoax – please read about it here: 

basically science is  ‘truth based on facts’, yet evolution is based on nothing more than, theory, speculation, and myth. 

There is no better example of this than the one carried by news media today….  findings of a few bones proves evolution..!?

Please do not suspend your disbelief when reading such misleading, fallacious news items.

The ‘Scientific News Cycle’   Leave a comment

Please go to this… cartoon link;

i.e. a=b ‘under certain conditions’ Smile

Here is a prime example of such reasoning, or the lack of it, in today’s NY Times article:

Junk’ DNA Mystery Solved: It’s Not Needed


Isn’t it exciting to hear there may be earth-like planets, perhaps even in abundance ‘out there’ in the universe?!

Yes, but let’s take a step back and analyze ‘why’ its exciting for a moment.

Could it be that our human emotions are based on hope?  What I mean is this; based on human history, (I refer to written history and not speculative pre-history), there have been many technological accomplishments, however, sociologically not so much, or to put it simply, human relations have, for the most part, been an abysmal failure.

Arguably, history has recorded that modern man is pretty much a failure in human relations. For instance when has there been an extended period of human history that has not included wars, prejudices, dominations, oppressions, atrocities, ad infinitum!

In my humble opinion the failures throughout history have engendered a present day ‘hope’ that somewhere, somehow, mankind will find relief, or to put it another way, ‘salvation’, from his earthly experience.  (I would also submit this is the very basis of the ‘theory’ of evolution.)  In other words an attempt to absolve humanity from its blood stained past, and even more so, its present!

Its no secret that the dramatic increase in world population has brought about the prospect of mass-extinction… why?  From human affairs no less, be it environmentally or otherwise – and the ‘otherwise’ is extensive!

But I digress. To come back to the aforementioned planetary discoveries, what is it that really excites us about them?  Isn’t it all about finding relief and salvation from our own inadequacies and failures?  The vain  hope that somehow if there is life on other planets it may somehow point the way for humans  to a successful common existence we have not found on earth?

For example, remember the classic Sc-Fi movie “The Day The Earth Stood Still’? An envoy from another galaxy states that robots were authorized to arbitrarily enforce peace.  They would obliterate any planet who threatened  that peace.

In conclusion, I submit that mankind as a whole is missing the ‘woods for the trees’.  What I mean by that is the greatest human to ever live provided us with the way out of our failed human condition, the way to achieve what many are now seeking in the stars.

He told us what to seek, how and where to find it, and  the result of that effort would be nothing less than everlasting life on a paradise earth!  ‘That’ should be our focus now, because whether we seek it or not, the earth is scheduled for that future by its eternal Creator.  It will happen, with, or without, our benefitting from it.

Extreme Weather Events Increasing   Leave a comment

Ok so I’m no so-called environmental scientist, just a guy who doesn’t have his head in the ground.  Actually the majority of environmental scientists are evidently in agreement that extreme weather events are in fact increasing, so I have no quarrel with them whatsoever.

So why are governments and officials of all stripes, with very few exceptions,  ignoring this issue?!  Surely the threat to human lives should be a priority for all leaders today.  But no, what we see is a consistent, unrelenting, focus on financial matters the world over!  How very bizarre is that??

Talk about ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burns’ syndrome, but indeed that is the attitude that prevails throughout the history of mankind.  Leaders the world over are ‘in denial’, primarily pushing financial agenda’s, be they good or bad.

The pro’s and con’s of so-called global warming isn’t really the issue. The issue is what can be done to mitigate and protect mankind from extreme weather conditions that are steadily increasing and impacting virtually every nation on earth.  Surely there is enough evidence of this to make it a real priority?

Isn’t it time for good people everywhere to wake up and take seriously environmental disasters that are increasingly occurring planet-wide?