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“Reported hijab attack on 11-year-old girl ‘did not happen,’ Toronto police say. Police previously said they were treating case as a possible hate crime.” (CBC News)

This news story (January 15/18) typifies modern trends. Likely it’s a reflection of inordinate human desire for attention, in male and female, young and old alike. A condition, when pronounced, some psychologist’s describe it as NPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

We may ask; what motivates this wrong desire for media attention? Certainly a degree of human pride is normal, even healthy, but when pride, such as the desire for fame, becomes ‘inordinate’ there will inevitably be sad consequences! Many such examples are recorded as a warning to us all in the holy Bible, unfortunately those lessons are largely being ignored today.


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Movie ‘trailers’ on the news etc.   Leave a comment

Its not very often I feel truly motivated to write a blog these days, but the extremely disrespectful way in which so-called ‘movie trailer’ ads are foisted on us, particularly in ‘news shows’ is insulting and abusive to the intelligence and common decency of God-fearing people!

Why should we have to be subjected to the extreme violence, depravity, and immorality portrayed in 90% of movies produced today!!? Daily news and reports are bad enough, but they are also now serving as a platform for a depraved 21 century movie industry!

We who are watching world news are being abusively subjected to a continuous onslaught of low-life movie trailer ads that we utterly abhor! Tv news networks serve as subservient tools for a never-ending flow of crap, primarily being produced by the U.S. movie industry!

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Cassini probe results   Leave a comment

What is truly remarkable about the Cassini probe is the reflection on earth. Indeed the science gained by it should teach us a great deal.
The simple scientific results prove that beyond any doubt life on earth is truly unique, no other conclusion is possible. Yes I know ‘possibilities’ are open to debate, however known ‘facts’ are clear: the earth is truly unique and special.
Can we accept that reality, or are we obsessed with the mere proposition of life on other planets?
I myself am not a total disbeliever in that possibility, but until and unless there is substantial evidence, its very appropriate to humbly and logically accept ‘factual evidence’ life on earth, (or anywhere else), is  the unique production of an intelligent loving Creator, just as stated in the Bible:: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth .”

My poems   Leave a comment


Fleeting structures designed for the sky
Surely their maker with an Artists eye
Shrinking and growing, ever changing form
Like thoughts of mankind, each new is born
Eagles have insight whíle sharing His pallet
A ballet of flight, the heavens their stage
With clouds as curtains a dance unafraid
The Artists brush, ever changing venue
Grateful observers now give him just due!

Wondrous it would be an angel sent to thee
heavens insight so close and so direct to see!
New found emotions would cause you to fear
ignorance has fled, evolution no more to hear.
Existence, love, humilty, three come to bear
give God due glory, and obtain his loving care.


Falling on my roof, a very old friend
I listen in a warm bed, comforted
its steady patter reassuring to me
life will continue no matter what said,
serving all needs its faithful endeavor
nurturing, refreshing, renewing forever.


As the days and weeks and months fly by
sorrows and pain may cause us to cry.
Time to count blessings money can’t buy.

Seek no forgiveness from those who maintain
A righteous self-image the true God disdain’s.
Seeking approval in the human domain
delivers yourself to negative pain.
When real life begins, problems cast aside,
All hurts then ended, soon all will abide.


Youth experience   Leave a comment

As a youth I had a couple of interesting job experiences. For example as a pin-setter in a Kingsway Street bowling alley on weekends, becoming quite proficient setting two alleys at a time for 10 pins league players. It was a dangerous challenge to avoid getting hit by flying pins while located between alleys, but it paid quite well!

Next I applied for a job in a downtown Vancouver Motel, it was one of the last, if not the very last Motel in downtown Vancouver appropriately named the ‘Downtowner’. I was able to commute after school from East Van via my first car, a 1927 Plymouth coupe.

The managers were two men, one of whom was gay. I came after school and swept the floor of the parking area, refilled the pop machine, and adjusted tv’s etc. among other chores.

It was an education to say the least, including prostitutes. Sometimes I obtained liquor from patrons of the Vancouver Hotel bar for motel customers. Just a few of my youthful experiences..

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immigration   Leave a comment

Trump concerns about terrorism seems to ignore the fact (as far as i know) that US terrorism has been primarily caused by its own citizens, people who BECOME religiously or politically unbalanced.  There is little benefit that so-called extreme vetting would have therefore.

IN OTHER WORDS THE ROOT CAUSE OF TERRORISM NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED.  False religion in particular is a root cause that needs to be addressed in particular.  Any religion, such as those based on the Koran, which clearly advocates eliminating all opposers, should itself be opposed by authorities imho.



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PARENTAL RIGHTS   Leave a comment

re; in Canadian news`tonight the court determined a clearly concerned and loving parent ‘may not’ decide what treatment is in the best interests of their own child.

So my question is; when and where was such authority granted to a mere imperfect human judge, regardless if some believe the parents choice was appropriate or not.??!

This is a classic case of State versus human rights. It will only be finally settled by the ‘truly’ authorized judge; Christ Jesus…. in due course.

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